The Top 10 Greatest Graphics Cards of All Time

Graphics. A term used to describe computer-generated imagery, most commonly associated with videogames. It’s a term that conjures up a film reel of memories in our minds of game visuals over the years, often the ones that shocked and amazed us when they were first seen. Graphics have been an ever-evolving standard in videogames, from the early days of gaming infancy in the mid-70s, on up through the 2D days of the proceeding decades, but never has that evolution been more fervent than when 3D gaming landed in full-force, and the story of how that came to be is just as fascinating as any book you’ll find on your e-reader.

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JsonHenry3696d ago

^^ I've owned 3 out of the 5 and the Ti4200 with 64megs of VRAM lasted me the longest out of all of them. Except for my current 5870. The lifespan of that is yet to be seen.

LightofDarkness3696d ago

It's all about the 4200, lasted me a good 3 years before I got an x800SE.

Theonetheonly3695d ago

I bought one of these on ebay a long time ago.

lol Sucker was almost as loud as my 6970 @ 100% but all the time.

Pikajew3695d ago

I am getting that one for my first rig :)

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The story is too old to be commented.