Confirmed: Modern Warfare 3 will have Split-Screen online

Fourzerotwo has confirmed via Twitter that there will be split-screen online in Modern Warfare 3.

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aviator1892718d ago

That's great news. It'd be disappointing not to have that feature after black-ops had it.

Corepred42718d ago

FANTASTIC!! yeah but black ops sucked!

Washington-Capitals2718d ago

IMO it will still be somewhat dissapointing if its not full widescreen or theres frame rate lag like the blackops version. That really made it unplayable competitively for me. But hey, i guess something is better then nothing. Also i hope it has ability to allow UNIQUE player sign in and not just guest.

GSpartan7772718d ago

"Your wife will be very happy"

ROFLMAO! Anyways this is good news. Would have been disappointing if it didn't.

NewVegasTroop2718d ago

i know how it would will have double account boot in while ps3 gamers get to play spiltscreen BUT with no double account boot in (which is totally possible, look at LBP, resistance, uncharted 3, warhawk)so ps3 gamers will again be screwed, but what can I do about it? well just bitch about it T_T....

MrBeatdown2718d ago

Modern Warfare 2 actually took advantage of some PSN features most developers still don't bother with, like in-game status displayed on the XMB and invites which allow you to accept and start the game right from an invite. I think you could even join a friend's match right from the XMB, but I think you had to be playing the game.

So, I don't know about Treyarch, but Infinity Ward has a pretty good track record for supporting those kind of features on PS3. Maybe they'll add dual login.

Tachyon_Nova2718d ago

Yeah it was a bit dissapointing that Treyarch got rid of several PSN features that were in MW2 for Black Ops, hopefully they all make a return in MW3.

NewVegasTroop2714d ago

yeah but still, i dont have much hope from them to implement dual login. i would be happy if they could implement custom soundtracks for MP (like killzone 2 and 3) that would make me very happy but ill still be down with no dual login :( (i want to play with my little bro with his own account)

sriki0072718d ago

your wife wii be very happy?!?????? looooool

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The story is too old to be commented.