Five of the Strangest Gaming Peripherals Out There

GP Editor, Marcus Estrada writes, "Over the years we have seen innovation after innovation in the gaming world. First there was the jump from a simple joystick to a more complex pad with buttons. Then came the decision to add a 'joystick' to the controller in form of an analog stick. Since then the method has been refined and challenged, especially with more recent endeavors to create working motion and touch-screen control.

We've come a long way from a joystick and lone button but some controller ideas were a little too out there or gimmicky to ever catch on. Here's a sampling of awkward, intriguing, and useless gaming peripherals."

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zeal0us2717d ago


Who in their right mind would buy that? Grandma who want some time with their grandchildren?

Shackdaddy8362717d ago

People who like sewing and gaming of course :)

vishant1012717d ago

Interesting read nice to see something that won't start flame wars

WooHooAlex2717d ago

Just what everyone Game Boy owner needed, a sewing machine!

Jdub895O2717d ago

How come the kinect isnt on that list!!

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