BF3 - Beta YouTube Footage Allowed + Info On Flak Jacket Spec

Alpha testers of Battlefield 3 were kept under a tight lid when it came to posting footage of the game in its incomplete state. Despite all testers being under a non-disclosure agreement, much footage was still eventually leaked.

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Dart892716d ago

Time to start searching for some footage.

Nitrowolf22716d ago

Can't wait to see all the footage now

Criminal2716d ago

Can't wait to play the beta then search for footage.

Hitman07692716d ago

Wow this is pretty crazy!

Criminal2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Gotta love Flak Jacket, so definitely going to run it.

Can't wait for the beta!!

Mister_V2716d ago

I though BFBC2 could have definitely used a perk or spec like this. Flinch was nuts.

CaptainPunch2716d ago

If I get in on the beta, I'll be sure to record the footage. In HD of course ;)

Criminal2715d ago

It's an open beta my friend. You'll be able to get in.

Huarle2716d ago

So you are allowed to record lolsomething from an OPEN beta? Surprise, surprise...

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