The Best 3D Technology: Stick with Passive Glasses

Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies separates the best smartphone, tablet, HDTV, and multimedia displays from the worst with his Display Technology Shoot-Out series. And his newly crowned 3DTV champion might just give you some major 3D buyer's remorse:

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Anon19742715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I'm still not ready to ditch my 1080p projector yet. When they make a projector compatible with the passive glasses, under $2500 - I am so there. 3D done well is fantastic and in my opinion truly ads to the viewing experience. Haven't tried it in games yet, but given the 3D nature of games I would imagine it would be a natural fit. Not really sure what this has to do with N4G. More of a techspy thing, isn't it?

eldeladi2715d ago

Well, I thought It has a lot to do with n4g, since most AAA games coming out are in 3D. Even Xbox is getting 3D. And Sony is coming out with that 24" 3DTV.
We needed the Move or Kinect for motion gaming, now with these Passive 3D TVs, it's actually attainable to enjoy a feature that is by far the most unused feature in newer games: 3D.
On another note, I enjoyed checking out the Passive 3D set at best buy yesterday. It was a big plus when two older women, joined in and were calling their husbands to come check it out. You can't do that with Active glasses without breaking the bank or the glasses themselves.

jetlian2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I got passive and its great. My friend hated active but loves passive. Only 650 on amazon folks. GOW O looks great! Waiting for the uncharted 3 and splinter cell collection.

Now if you got a Tv already don't worry about it. jaggies do work against 3d in some cases. Socom 4 is pretty fun too

plmkoh2715d ago

His conclusions about active and passive are quite flawed, he talks about passive 3D overcoming its weakness of only being able to do 540 lines by having your brain "fuse" two 540 lined images to produce full HD 1080. If that were true active 3D would have 2160 lines because both eye would see 1080.

The the test also contradicts 100% of TV reviewers who say passive produces jagged edges and scan-lines, due to the interlaced resolution. When you have this much contrast in viewpoint, you know something wrong.

jetlian2715d ago

right passive is 2 540 lines fused whereas active is 1 1080 lines. which is why active has to be 120hz so that it can switch to the other eye faster than you can see. Which is also why you have flickering. Some people can see the milliseconds between switches!

The jaggies usally happen on things that are jagged to begin with. I see no jaggies on socom or GOW:O. I do see some on the uncharted 3D video when the plane is in the sand. Mainly wheres theres alot of small detail.