Modern Warfare 3 less violent than MW2

GamePron: When it was time to submit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to the Australian censors, Activision played a game of covert ops, entering the game under a fake name.

Now that Modern Warfare 3 faces the same scrutiny, there's been no fake names, no hiding, and no pretending. Why the change of heart?

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Marcus Fenix2715d ago

what's so violent about MW2?, oh I remember the enemy explodes with paper money when they die.

ATi_Elite2715d ago

Everybody had a fit about the airport scene and shooting unarmed civilians.

In Texas their is no such thing as an unarmed civilian. :)

Jack_DangerousIy2715d ago

Funny... Because I'm from "their" (wrong 'there' btw) and I don't know a single person who has a gun. That was a pretty uninformed thing for you to say.

RioKing2715d ago

^Don't mess with Texas. LOL

tmoss7262715d ago

The "No Russian" level probably where you kill civilians. Oh spoiler alert lol.

Micro_Sony2715d ago

Killing civilians felt so wrong in so many levels.

ME19892715d ago

Why? It's ok, the civilians are digital.

One of the most fun parts of some games is random killing, like GTA for example. Hell I'm playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution at the moment and every now and then just pull my shotgun on a random civie and pop his/her head lol.

bumnut2715d ago

It did feel wrong, but it happens.

Pro_TactX2715d ago

It didn't feel wrong to me. I was determined to kill more civilians than my NPC companions. No way was I going to be outperformed by NPCs.

It is healthy to let loose your dark side in video games. It is infinitely better than letting it loose in real life.

Trophywhore2715d ago

I always thought the money on death thing added to the douchbaggery of the game.

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Unlimax2715d ago

Yeah sure .. To market the Game for kids too or its already is Huh !

Is not it supposed to prevent this game from the children .. Oh, for the moment we are talking about Bobby kotick policy in the dissemination of his toys !

zeksta2715d ago

I'm sorry.. but what in the hell did you just say? :/

Tachyon_Nova2715d ago

Does anyone know what this guy is on about?

Pro_TactX2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I think he is accusing Activision of making MW3 less violent in an effort to get the game in the hands of children.

Don't take my word for it though. I haven't had to translate gibberish in a while so I am a little rusty.


First thing that came to mind was the Russian level.

SKUD2715d ago

Less awesome. Moar lame.

nycnomad832715d ago

Maybe they have nothing to hide now that Australia has finally created a Mature equivalent rating (R18) for video games that didn't exist when MW2, Duke, GTA or other 'banned games' were submitted.

dotarray2715d ago

We still don't have a Mature equivalent rating for video games. R18+ has been approved *in principle*, but we won't see it actually affecting games on shelves until at least the end of the year - more likely some time in 2012.

MW2, Duke and GTA4 were all allowed into Australia with no edits, btw ;)

nycnomad832715d ago

I stand corrected good sir :)