Frontlines: Fuel of War Hands On by FiringSquad; New Screens

Kaos Studios are no fools, however. Even if the single player campaign is great they know that it will be the multiplayer portion of Frontlines that will be the big draw. The game will have 32 player support for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions but PC players will have the full 64 player support experience.

The main difference between Frontlines' multiplayer and Battlefield's is Frontlines' use of capturing objectives. In a normal Battlefield game capture points are all over the map and can be captured and held by a team at any time. In Frontline's case there are also capture points all over their maps but only two or so can be captured and held at any one time. For example if your team holds onto the two center capture points they can then advance to the next two points on the map and attempt to capture them while the other team attempts to defend. This idea of a moving "frontline" (get it?) is Kaos's attempt to make multiplayer games a bit more cohesive with less time just running around on the map.

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