Why Xenoblade is One of The Greatest Games of All Time

Playeressence.come writes: Great console JRPGs are few and far in-between this console generation. We have seen some good ones like Lost Odyssey, Residence of Fate, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, but none of these JRPGs are as good as Xenoblade is cumulatively. As a matter of fact Xenoblade just isn’t one of the best JRPGs this generations its one of the greatest games of all time. In the next few paragraphs i’m going to break down all the “awards” Xenoblade does. Awards will be things Xenoblade does from some of the best games in the industry.

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NESpower2717d ago

All my peeps tell me it's "the one" this generation for jrpgs and love it. NOA please localize this!

ikkokucrisis2717d ago

I'm so jealous, I want this game for my ps3 now! FFXIII didnt cut it for me, Argh!

NewMonday2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

To anyone who played it pleas tell me how dose it compare to the original Xenogears(great) and Xenosaga(ok) ?!!!

JRPG fans rejoice! The good times are coming back with this game along with the Last Story, NiNuKuni, Tales of Xillia...

Tanir2716d ago

for real ikko

ff13 was an ok game, but i want this (even if the characters r ugly compared to other xenogames)

gonna download it for Dolphin which upscales wii games for ur pc! must play! wanna see references to other xenogames like xenosaga did. this gen needs more jrpgs :(

after this, tales of xillia and last story only other jrpg im waitin for is FF versus 13

cpayne932716d ago

WHO DISAGREED WITH YOU??? Why shouldn't they localize it, I want this game bad.

Son_Lee2717d ago

I don't have a Wii, so even if this comes stateside, I can't get excited for it. It seriously looks like the best RPG this gen.

Venox20082717d ago

you can import it and play it on emulator :)

tiffac0082717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Ninty take my cold hard cash already.

So bring it over, I don't have enough cold hard cast to import this and I don't want to mod my Wii to play PAL games either.

So like Obi-wan Kanobi, NoA your my only hope. lol!

Theyellowflash302717d ago

A soft mod is really easy to do though. You could be playing the game in less than 5 mins if you decided to soft mod then download or import then then softmod. But yeah I agree Nintendo should bring this and The Last Story over.

tiffac0082717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I would love to import but I live in a 3rd world country with a currency that ain't exactly holds any value. So shipping cost + buying something in Euro will cost me an arm and a leg (figuratively speaking) then buying an Asian version (R3) locally

If you guys think the green back is in decline because of the global economy well... our money here is declined. lol! and I'm laughing because that's all I can do in my situation.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2717d ago

You can play this game using Dolphin Emulator.