Boob-Filled Senran Kagura Most Likely Wont Come to the US

Why the breast-emphasizing game Senran Kagura will probably not come to the US. Click to read more.

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Pozzle2717d ago

Is anyone really surprised?

thetest2717d ago

Epic picture. Boob cushions.

MoXxXi2717d ago

This is sposed to be an opinion article, not fact. Yes, its true that Marvelous is trying to bring it to the US, just looking for someone to publish them. However, with the US standards on stuff like this, it is very unlikely in my opinion.

lizard812882717d ago

Well, Catherine made it over, and thats pretty different than what the US market is use to. Anime graphics, and the game was based upon morals, ect, and that still came over here, and in fact, was Atlus' best selling game to date.

It should come over, but I hope it does in a timely manor. It does have a hurdle though. The few seconds of gameplay look solid, but we'll find out more in the coming weeks. IIRC, the 19th of this month is when it comes out.

Besides, in Ghosts 'n Goblins, a Man loses his cloths, lol.

MoXxXi2717d ago

Yes, this is true. However, Catherine was DIFFERENT, not obsene. Catherine wasnt exactly like other Japanese games of this callibur. Catherine had anime, and a system that works on Morals. That isnt bad. Senran Kagura basically plans to sell itself on the fact that the girls wear skimpy clothing, and have bigger than 80cm breasts that are very well animated, Lol. They are totally different, Lol.

lizard812882716d ago

lol, yeah, the boob physics look very weird for this game. It looks like there are invisible hands always feeling them up.
Also, here is a weird quote from an interview:

"When you say to yourself, "so that's a cute girl" and "so this what man like", you have learned something. And you think, I want to become like this girl!"

MoXxXi2716d ago

WELL, I can honestly say ive never wished I was a cute girl.....thats a little bit messed up.....

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