Xbox 720 To Utilize Windows 8 Successor - 360 Magazine UK Oct 2011 Rumor

''The latest issue of 360 Magazine UK has hit store shelves, with the respected publication carrying a mysteriously enticing rumor stating that Microsoft's next-generation console will utilize the successor to Windows 8, with the launch window purportedly stretching closer to 2015.''

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Hitman07692716d ago

This could be very interesting... I want to see which games it will use though..

gamingdroid2716d ago

I love the Metro UI, so this is would be very interesting indeed.

Pedobear Rocks2716d ago

Microsoft will have a unified platform at somepoint across TV/Phone/Tablet/Computer.

Apple is almost there. need to get Android (your only option at this point) onto all your platforms to offer the same end to end experience or you will get blown away completely in the next gen market (at least in North America)

Micro_Sony2716d ago

"According to the magazine, Kinect will play a much bigger role in Xbox Next, with the popular motion peripheral rumored to be heavily incorporated into the cross platform features of the next-generation console"

MS I have a 360 and I am looking forward to the 720 but if try to force feed me Kinect next gen and not make the Xbox Live experience with controller and Kinect the same you will not be seeing my money.

Motion is so last gen and even Nintendo is moving on.

SilleGamer2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )


I agree!

As much as I like motion gaming, the idea of a motion-centric, next-generation console is kind of unsettling.

It should at least be optional and not obligatory.

gamingdroid2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

... and controller is so 6 generations ago! In fact, controller is so like what 50 gazillion years old?

That said, I doubt controller is going away anytime soon.

Micro_Sony2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

The steering wheel in cars are 50 gazillion years old too but you dont see car manufactures looking for a car that drives on voice commands or drive it self.

Also I know MS wont get rid of the controller but that does not mean that they wont try to make Kinect standard and the controller feel tacked on.

If it is optional and both Kinect and the controllers are integrated with an equal experiance on the 720 then I am ok with that.

gamingdroid2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

***The steering wheel in cars are 50 gazillion years old too but you dont see car manufactures looking for a car that drives on voice commands or drive it self.***


Car manufacturers would be idiotic not to make cars that drive itself or work on voice commands. That stuff has been in the labs forever.

Don't confuse something commonly used, with the lack of ability to improve upon it. Humans wants as much automation as possible in most life tasks.

I think MS is doing just fine supporting both controller based games and Kinect. I would hate to see awesome technology get half @ssed support.

jwk942716d ago

Why are all of those articles old?

Jdrm032716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Highly doubt Microsoft will wait until 2015 to launch the next are looking at 14-24 months until the next box launches....

The Xbox 360 has already been turned by Microsoft into a "casual platform." They are tieing off lose ends and moving on to the next box while keeping the 360 w/ kinect on shelves for cheap for any casual gamer to pick up. Not sure if anybody has noticed, but Microsoft literally has no games other then halo, forza, gears and kinect stuff....Gears 3 is out at the end of the month. Forza 4 a a while after....Halo next holiday season....Microsoft already has NOTHING between this year and Halo 4's launch next year, AGAIN like the last 10 months other then the kinect stuff we saw which are not REAL games.

If Microsoft waits until 2015 to launch their next console, they will lose mass market share because they rely so heavily on a gimmick right now and don't care about games....gimmicks die. The people that fall for gimmicks have short attention spans and move on to the next gimmick. Look at the Wii....not even Sony will wait until 2015 to launch the ps3's successor. If the Wii-U was not launching next year there would be more plausibility, but with Nintendo pushing out a new console, with superior technology, it has ushered in the beginning of a new generation and it will force Microsoft's hand.

narutogameking2716d ago

The Wii U isn't exactly superior technology. It'll be roughly on par/slightly more powerful than a PS3/360. Not a threat to Microsoft or Sony in that department.

But Nintendo is launching a new system and Microsoft and Sony need to launch their systems within 1 year of the Wii U's release to stay relevant in the market.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32716d ago

Anything that is better is superior.

Jdrm032716d ago

The Wii-U has already been said to be able to run at games at 1080p natively. That constitutes superior technology.

If Microsoft and Sony don't launch their new console soon after the Wii-U, Nintendo will have the advantage of being the console running games at 1080p

Jdrm032716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

double post

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