Destructoid Review: Call of Duty (8/10, Rent It)

Destructoid's Nex reviews Call of Duty 4 and concludes:

"Combine these (single-player issues) with the multiplayer system's well-meaning but ultimately poorly implemented experience system, and you have a solid title that would serve better as a rental for anyone who wasn't already excited about it enough to buy it at launch."

Score: 8.0, Rent It!

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C_SoL4622d ago

I just bought it yesterday...idc what they say.

ActionBastard4622d ago

You shouldn't care. It is a fantastic game. See ya on PSN!

JsonHenry4622d ago

I agree with the guy that says the game brings nothing new to the table. because it doesn't. But what IS there is nothing short of awesome.

And he is also right about the broken experience system... BUT WHO CARES?! Even if the experience system was not there this would be one of the best online FPS since Rainbow Six 3.

Mycococo4621d ago

if you just rent the game you wont have time to get into the multiplayer! that is what really makes that game. the little things about the game such as floating debris and random marks on the wall that make you think its a person. the sound is deffinatly a big part of the gameplay. if you are hiding and hear some footsteps you know your not alone and need to kill or be killed.

pacman6154622d ago

dont know what dude talking about rent it....this is a must own for ps3 or the other system.

Daver4622d ago

i must agree with the 8/10 score.. sure its a beatiful game with a lot of action going on at the same time, but its nothing very different, theres no originality really, thats my opinion

shysun4622d ago

Some good weed,this guy must be smoking! :(

P4KY B4622d ago (Edited 4622d ago )

Its the best game this year. (so far)
Its a better multiplayer game than Halo3 (and i'm a big 360 fan)

"poorly implemented experience system" total BS. I love having to use all the guns to upgrade them and earn EXP.
e.g. I would never have thought to use the shotgun when there were MP5s, AK's and SAW's to choose from. But I used the shotgun to get EXP and now its my favorite weapon. I got a 21 kill streak this morning using it.

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The story is too old to be commented.