Why Do Fanboys Care So Much About Numbers?

Thecrapgamer at GamerXchange writes:
Every console generation has them, the dreaded fanboy. I’ve actually always gotten a pretty good laugh at what some of these types of people have to say, I think this console generation has been particularly bad where fanboys are concerned. These arguments have gotten so bad I now tell people, there is a third thing you shouldn’t talk about with friends, we all know politics and religion are off limits and now it seems only fitting to add which gaming console you prefer to that list.

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iamnsuperman2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Good article. The reason is, is because they are defending something they bought. Any "victory" (no matter how dumb it is) is a victory to them. Numbers should really mean nothing to us. Its not like the consoles are in threat of losing support but like I just said a "victory" (no matter how dumb) is still a victory to them

Abash2717d ago

PS3 fanboys = Brag about PS3 exclusives
360 fanboys = Brag about sales or downloadable games
Wii fanboys = Brag about anything Nintendo related like they're sacred

AngelGirl162717d ago

Maybe they don't like the other company business practices. Just think of the console wars as a nerdy version of sports.

UltimateIdiot9112717d ago

Just like sports fanboys or car fanboys?

I wouldn't generalize all fanboys as having no life just more passionate than the average.

IM_A_NINJA2717d ago

Well for me, I like what I like, no matter if it has one hundred million sold or ten units sold.

I think if the fanboys spent time on the consoles playing the games they spent so much time defending, there would be much less in the way of idiotic comments on places like this.

I'm all for discussing video games, but when you just troll and use numbers or a 0.001 better particle resolution on a multiplatform game, I agree it's a pointless thing to argue about.

One-X2717d ago

Fanboys are immature people who seriously need to grow up and get their head out the sand. It's such a petty thing... sure stick up for which console you own, but all the fanboyism now is just... 'my console is better than yours', and truth is it's playground talk.

Look at the realistic views on things, is it really that hard to act mature? Fanboys need to grow up, it's ruining a lot in modern gaming, it's nearly everywhere you look. Just... 'my console is better than yours', it's pathetic.

If the fanboys spent as much time on important things as they do sticking up for their console and bashing anything else, they could literally do anything. People are defending their platform like it's a religion... it's sad.

e-p-ayeaH2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

who cares! it keeps me entertained watching them for some while.

One-X2717d ago

Because it's sad to see that another person like yourself is wasting their life away by trying to stick up for their console like a religion. It actually makes me worry about us as a species altogether, fanboys, are in large numbers. Sure it's funny to see them argue over something so pathetic, but not when you stand back and look at it how it is. Most the time, these are grown men been fanboys and refusing to step of their almighty throne.

It might just be me... but after a while I just hate it because all fanboys are closed minded, and it just... Gah, it's so frustrating to see.

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The story is too old to be commented.