Two Teens charged in downtown beating over a PSP

Two Syracuse teenagers are facing felony charges after Syracuse police said the pair beat a man Tuesday at The Galleries in Syracuse while trying to take a hand-held game console from him.

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Silverwolf4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

He almost "Played beyond" the grave. My next stop the Conan O'brien show.

Gamer134351d ago

They wanted the psp to sell it for some quick cash.

Itachi4351d ago

why place that picture

DeckUKold4350d ago

That was the original picture of the site i got it from

Darkiewonder4350d ago

IDK, that's the first thing that popped up xD

Vespertine4350d ago

I want to see more. :)

By the way gentlemen, I'm a female gamer if you wanted to know.

King20084350d ago

Your a gamer not a female gamer. No need to bring your gender into this. I would still blow your head off in COD4 regardless of if your a woman. I'm a equal opportunity a$$ whooper.

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