Geeks of Rage : Episode 8

Most people would guess that a trio of grown men who have decided to do a podcast dedicated to gaming can’t get much lower than they already have. Tonight we prove most people wrong. Crying at games? We’ve done it. Hating hot women for working at Gamestop? Been there. Validating video games as art with nothing but limited experience and biased opinion? We wrote the book. All that and the usual babble. We do it for the love, save your donations

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FredEffinChopin2712d ago

Since the comments section on all of these podcasts seem to be dead space, I suppose I'll use these opportunities to provide miscellaneous information.

Such as the fact that Epsiode 9 will be recorded and posted tonight. And the fact that we will be discussing Nintendo running around like a headless chicken lately. And Brian's socks.

I know, tonight can't come soon enough....