Sony Responds About DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket App Problems

Sony and DirecTV are aware of the issues and developers are trying their best to get the issues resolved. Sony has made an announcement on their PlayStation Facebook page addressing the issue

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Micro_Sony2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Dont worry Colts and Steelers you did not miss anything - think of this as a blessing :)

Cant wait to see my Pats come down hard on those phins.

ftwrthtx2717d ago

My Cowboys are guaranteed to be televised here in Sacramento for the first 3 weeks of the season, so I'm in no rush to sign-up anyway.

kc_chang2717d ago

Very nice gesture of giving those who purchased it a $24.99 for PSN. They didn't have to but it's nice they care.

v1c1ous2717d ago

uhhh no, actually legally they have to do that or give a full refund.

Solidus187-SCMilk2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

they better if they want to get any future business.

I hope they fix it by next week because I am planning on definitely getting this thru PS3, but now Im worried.

I odnt need it week one, my team is on TV. I hope to hear they have fixed it before I get it for week 2, however I guess I will have to buy it and hope it works in week 2.

ftwrthtx2717d ago

It would have been bad for DirecTV if they didn't do that.

It's a little over priced to me anyway. If I want, I can find just about any game online now, but the quality usually sucks.

Evetssteve2717d ago

For me it worked okay for the afternoon games. FYI