Fresh Skyrim Details: Difficulty Settings, Button Mapping, and Hours of Music

GR - "Bethesda's PR guy Pete Hines answered a number of questions about the company's upcoming RPG, Skyrim."

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WhiteLightning2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"Yes, there are children. No, you can't hurt or kill them."

Let's give a big shout out to Political we love you ¬¬


NuclearDuke2715d ago

Once you move away from political correctness, the world will become a very dark and very saddening place to live.

Children are unique beings that continous the age of man. Even in video games, they should not be harmed.

NuclearDuke2715d ago

I am probably the least "hippy" person you will ever, ever meet in your life Laxman. But suit yourself. Once you actually see the implementation of children that can be hurt in video games you will feel disgusted by yourself and stop playing.

AntoineDcoolette2715d ago

^ You can kill kids in the first two fall out games im pretty sure

Hassassin2715d ago

can they be nuke-duked then??

theonlylolking2715d ago

So it is ok to harm a fake adult but it is not ok to harm a fake child? That makes no sense. They are both fake, lifeless, virtual beings that have no conscience.

Eamon2715d ago

Who wants to kill children anyway?

Hozi2715d ago

While that is true so is this. When the majority of the world moved away from God's correctness all hell broke loose.

KonGreat2714d ago

While I would not want to be able to kill children, I don't want them to run around alive when I've killed everyone else in the town/village. That kinda ruins it.

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eak32715d ago

I totally think that PC is the death knell of our society. All it does is force people to act a certain way in fear of being called a hate-mongor or a racist. That being said, no video game should allow someone to just blatently murder children. I've seen comments on this subject where people are just frothing at the bit to go on a child extermination spree. It's frankly quite disturbing and Political correctness has nothing to do with that. I realize theirs quite deviant and demented people that troll the internet and they rear their heads when subjects like this come up.

MrSpace2715d ago


Everything is being dumbed down now so it dosen't offend most people.

Everytime I hear Political Corectness I think of this song by Chubby Brown...

zerocrossing2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Hmm, killing kids in games... I can see this argument getting even more heated, weather you're pro or con no one can denie that its a tough issue :/

It's not as if killing kids in games doesn't happen, in Fatal Frame(project Zero) there are ghost kids you have to kill(exocise) but then they are (ghosts) and when you kill them it's not in a vile grotesk manor, they just scream/moan and fade away, I can accept that but if you kill kids in a violent grotesque way (like hacking away at them with a sword) should that be aloud? If so why stop there? Baby's exist, should we kill them in games too? Lack of censorship leads to the floodgate theory, if one bad thing is acceptable then why not all bad things?

It's a very gray area IMO.


That's a good point, but I guess you could argue they are technically necromorphs and it's kill or be killed, killing a defenceless child by blowing their head of cutting them in half is, I think the real issue. But I do agree, in the end it all comes down to the situation and context.

WhiteLightning2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Actually you killed babies in Dead Space 2...they blew up into little bits if you shot them and if you choped there heads off you could pick them up and throw them at necromorphs. Nobody made a big deal out of that

I think it's all down at making a big deal out of it, with DS2 they never mentioned the babies so it wasn't a hot topic which didn't lead onto news channels making something out of it. In the old Fallout games you could kill kids, I was quite stunned when I shot a child and bits of him exploded on the screen but it was a with people being "offended all the time" and Pollitical correctness becoming bigger most things are being dumbed now. What these people who moan on about this topic though fail to realise if Fallout kept it so you could kill children no body would say anything they would still play the game but because they've grown used of not having that feature it's now "wrong" to even suggest it.

Winkle922715d ago

Well said. I would go on to comment further but you pretty much nailed the issue on the head.

Bigpappy2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

If you guys need child killing so badly, why don't you ask Sony to make thats a PS3 exclusive. Theest of us are not interested. ES games never allowed this before, so why should they start it now.

This is an RPG not a horror game. It is also an open game where you are free to do as you please. If they allow this, the possible negative reaction all over the news media could kill the series. This is not GTA.

GarandShooter2715d ago

How exactly is this a Sony/PS3 issue?

'Theest of us are not interested.'

Glad to see you speak for all the 360/Wii/PC owners out there.

This has got to be one of the biggest douchebag type posts I've read here in quite some time.

Congratulations, you should be proud.

vyke32715d ago

Could you please tell me what does any of this has anything to do with PS3 users? Or do you just randomly troll people to get attention?

MEsoJD2714d ago

Just like Fallout 3, not being able to kill kids really annoyed me. It's a fucking adult game, why shouldn't we have the choice to take a few out. Either let them die like everyone else, have them included and no one dies or don't include them. A move like this, takes the user out of the world. Playing favorites is never fun. This is kind of like that southpark episode about Muhammad. You can make fun of other religions without being censored or criticized, but when it comes to Islam it's politically incorrect(playing favorites). Ei

At least deadspace 2 had the balls to let you kill kids and babies(though already morphed).

ShamefulDispray2714d ago

"Fresh" would imply something new, not something using the same engine as Fallout. And not being able to kill children? WTF! You could kill those babie necromorphs in Dead Space 2, and that was awesome, but didn't make me want to go out and kill real necro babies.

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ArabianKnight012715d ago

I wonder if difficulty will be a slider again like in oblivion where it seemed like the more "difficult" the more health they had versus actually making it more challenging to play ie... more baddies that are smarter and possibly work together basically i dont want harder to equal more health but something more.

omi25p2715d ago

I heard a rumor there is mining in this game. So you will be able to mine steel and turn it into armour. Wonder if its true

hotskys2715d ago

yes, there will be mining with multiple ores and you can smelt it into armour.

Simco8762715d ago

Game is going to be epic. Can't wait to ask off of work for a few days when this beast comes out.

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