Dead Island Patch Is A Catastrophe

XXLGaming writes, "The supposed Day #1 patch for Dead Island has been released on the PS3. The Xbox 360 has yet to receive that patch but that may be a good thing as the patch has seemed to do more harm than good for PS3 users. Was this game rushed to retail to grab cash before the likes of Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3?"

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Ocean2714d ago

Bought my copy at the weekend but i have yet to open it (finishing off God of War 2 first)...hopefully another patch will sort out the issues.

ikkokucrisis2714d ago

It's not even funny how buggy this game is...

PSN is not letting me download the 1.01 patch so I can't play with Co-op with anyone, how dumb is that?!

Crazyglues2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Yeah for those people who didn't download it when it went live, you missed the patch, I got it, and I've been fine ever since...

-But a friend of mine didn't get it and now he can't join my game, or me join his.. which really sucks because that was the whole reason for buying this one..

he also has the problem of the game not saving any of his progress, I was getting that but the patch fixed this for me...

so sucks if you didn't get it, because I've been running sweet ever since, and I think it's 1.10 patch...

anyway they need to really do something..


ikkokucrisis2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Yep, can't play with my friends, and the game is short. After playing for less than a few hours I'm on the 2nd half of the game trying to keep up with them. By the time second patch comes out, they'll be done with their first playthrough. :(

Laxman2162714d ago


After playing for approximately 20 hours and just only being over 70%, I must say that if you think its short, it is literally only your own fault. There is a lot of content here that is optional, but provides a great deal of fun, not to mention the enjoyment from exploring and simply enjoying yourself in the game world.

If you found it short, its your own fault for not experiencing what it has to offer.

antz11042714d ago


If this game is your definition of short then you have really high expectations.

hadouken0072714d ago

Is there a patch for dead island ps3 version.?someone please let me know if there's a patch,mines skips like a son of a bitch.inbox me

MysticStrummer2714d ago

This game is most definitely not short, but it is the buggiest game I've ever played in my life. The patch made it worse for me, which I didn't think was possible. I still have save problems since the patch and playing online makes my PS3 freeze. It's frustrating because I can see how awesome this game would be if it was working well. To answer the question about whether this was rushed to beat some other big titles to market... I would say yes.

Ravens202713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

This game sucks balls. I have to quit to the XMB then reload the game about every hour just to make sure it is saving. I have lost about 4 to 5 hours of game play due to this buggy P.O.S. game not saving my progress.

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ThatCanadianGuy2713d ago


I've had the same problem with my friend.I couldn't join his game or him join mine because i had already downloaded the patch.To fix this, just go to your game date utility and delete your dead island save.You will still have your character saves etc.Once you start up the game it'll be as if you never downloaded the patch.

tigertron2714d ago

Fortunatly I downloaded the patch before playing so it hasn't affected me. However, from what I've played so far this game is really unpolished, and I expected better. That said though I am enjoying the game.

Jdoki2714d ago

Reviewers should not hand out scores based on some promised Day #1 patch (not saying this site did, but it sounds like it did influence the score)

Games should never have Day 1 patches - that just suggests a rushed product.

IMHO this gen has taken a huge backwards step (more than one actually).... The speed of getting in to play games. I miss the days of popping in a cartridge and having the game start quickly. Whether it be mandatory installs, transferring games to hard drive, or Day 1 patches - it's annoying and definitely not what I would consider 'next gen'. I realise games are more complex now - but just because games can be patched, doesn't mean developers should be cutting back on QA.

kikizoo2714d ago

"Whether it be mandatory installs, transferring games to hard drive, or Day 1 patches - it's annoying"

a little annoying, but definitly way better than a game that can't be corrected, like the old ones !

Miiikeyyy2714d ago

The game is huge, it's easy to miss bugs and glitches. They already had to game on a disk, so when they found bugs they had no choice but to release a patch

calibann2714d ago

Do you understand how much money and effort goes into games like this? Built from the ground up by a dedicated team to provide us guys with a great game. They didn't spend 5 years building their baby just to let Modern Warfare 3 walk all over it. You need to understand that the smaller developers who are making original games (not yearly updates of the same FPS) get crushed under the juggernaut developers come release day. That's why they choose to kick it out of the factory early, and of course they feel bad about it - that's WHY they release patches on day 1! You have no right to criticise the decision to haul it out early... These guys have to make back the money they spent on this game over 5 years..

biRdy2714d ago

Well said, I wouldn't have paid any attention to it if were released anywhere close to Gears of War and Battlefield.

Jdoki2714d ago

Yeah, and how many sales can potentially be lost by launching a bug ridden game, and then a patch that seriously affects the game further.

And the patch wasn't Day 1 either, so just smacks of desperation, rushing the product and lacking QA.

Way to make their money back!

Can't believe people would defend a shoddy product. QA is there for a reason - but I can imagine it's the first area that gets hit when costs must be cut.

GamerPS3602713d ago


Have you even played this game on PC?
I worked on my turd lifetime, do you want to buy @60??

what a joke people are these days. You buy a product, its expected to work. If not, then return it. Guess what, I can't return it and I can't even complain?

snipes1012713d ago

I agree with you jdoki. Yes, I understand that this is a smaller and likely less funded developer than the other big names out there, but how could they let so many things go at launch? Just as much as they need to get noticed before the big name titles come out, they also need to be noticed for the right reasons. This is probably the third of fourth article I've seen about the issues this game has, how is that going to be helpful to them?

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Optical_Matrix2714d ago

Dead Island is a catastrophe full stop. Can't believe I spent £35 on that pony game.

calibann2714d ago

It's a shame that you don't enjoy it. Have you tried playing co-op with a friend? Me and my brother absolutely love this game, but both agree that it would get very boring on single-player. For some reason neither of us care about the minor glitches (although there are a few annoyances such as the infected hitting us through walls). If you haven't tried it yet, I would recommend playing with a buddy, it's really a fantastic experience!

hadouken0072713d ago

i see the disagree fairy got u to. to whoever, just because your game works dosent meen mine does.

Big_Mex2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Maybe me and my buddies are in the small minority but they have it on 360 and i have it on PC and other than the first day which all I had to do was redownload it I haven't had any problems except for some graphical issues (screen tearing/framerate drops). Same as them, they love it on 360 and haven't had any problems with the game as well (outside of my points). Either way this game is pretty massive so i expect there to be some issues for a bit. Game is fucking awesome and with everything maxed in 1080p on a 52 inch looks pretty amazing.


dead_eye2714d ago

No problems on the PS3 version at the moment. Ain't downloaded the patch yet and don't know if I want to. Luckily the game is still awesome as a single player game to.

omi25p2714d ago

Ive had a couple of bugs on the 360 version but nothing bad. I.E walking through some rocks and spawning miles away from where i was.

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