Tweak It: DualShock 3

The PlayStation’s controllers have remained remarkably unchanged considering that we are not that far away from the twentieth anniversary of the brand’s launch; the addition of the two analogue sticks being the only really significant difference that is immediately apparent.

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DrRichtofen2720d ago

"The Dual Analog’s analogue sticks themselves also had concave tops rather than being the mushroom-like appendages we are now left with.".....I believe the style of the analogue sticks are called convex, which imo I prefer much more than concave.

NukaCola2720d ago

Only things I would change are the inverting the thumbs and giving them a little more feed back, and also going back to the DS2 style of L2/R2 but leaving the DS3's pressure to them. I like they are still trigger like, but would rather them notcurve down. Many shooters that force you to use L2/R2(Aka 360 mapping) make it a little unconfortable. In a perfect world PS3 would always have the R1/L1 shooter option, but many times devs use the bottom buttons cause the 360's triggers are on the bottom. We just wish it were set up like Resistance, Killzone, and COD do it. Especially for game like Bioshock.

iamnsuperman2720d ago

I hate it when fire is R2. R1 feels 10x more comfortable. I actually hate driving with the R2 button.

rezzah2720d ago

I really enjoy driving with the R2 button for the DS3 because you actually can control the speed at which you drive. Compared to pressing X, it is harder to control the speed as the button is small compared to R2.

Its like pressing on the pedal.

Bathyj2720d ago

I hate that personally. Its just not intuitive to me. When I break, I actually have to think about the buttons, instead of just knowing.

I prefer using the right stick for Acc/Brake. It feels very natural.
Maybe from playing with RC Cars as a kid.

Oldman1002720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

For those who are wondering what controller the author is talking about.

Undeadwolfy2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

The hell? I have the very first ps controller without analogue sticks and the original dualshock. It doesnt have concave analogue sticks. It has convex rubber sticks, alot more grippy compared to the plastic on DS2/3. This is UK btw. Is that a retail or modded controller?

oricon2720d ago

As i mainly just play fighting games, i want the R2 buttons replaced with buttons like the R1, i don't play FPS so its annoying for me.

newn4gguy2720d ago

I have analog stick pads from Komodo and triggers from Pelican. Combined, they make the Dualshock 3 the best controller in console gaming.

Cpt_kitten2720d ago

i think the only thing i would like to see is the r2 and l2 curved upword like the xbox's so your fingers rest there instead of slip off

and have r2 as the fire cause r1 is annoying and unnatural

but otherwise no complaints

clearelite2720d ago Show
Agent_hitman2720d ago

Dual shock gamepad has changed the gaming forever..

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