9.5 God of War: Origins Collection Review

Kratos’ two PSP adventures finally make their way to the PS3 allowing fans to own the complete collection on Sony’s flagship console. God of War fans are gonna love it.

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Ocean2715d ago

There is always room for more Kratos action....will be getting this upon release

blumatt2715d ago

It's good Sony has released these games on the PS3. I hope that in the future, though, they make a virtual Vita console on the PS3 or PS4 so that we can play its games if you buy the digital version. The games would have even more value if they could be played on both the Vita and PS3/PS4.

Kurisu2715d ago

Pre-ordered! Hopefully it will process alright as the GAME website is a bit iffy at the moment.

DigitalRaptor2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Played the demo and it really impressed me visually, to say it's a remastered PSP game - it looks just about as good as the first HD collection. The gameplay is amazingly fun, as you would expect. It's definitely on my "to buy" list now!

PJF_Josh2714d ago

It's absolutely worth it. I mean, $40 for two full God of War games? How could you pass that up?