New site Launch: Pro-G becomes

What happened to Pro-G? Is the site going to be the same?

Pro-G or rather VideoGamer writes:

"Regular readers of Pro-G can no doubt see that something is a little different in these parts. Today marks the beginning of a new era for the whole team, with Pro-G becoming The team remains as it was, with a few additions, so you'll still be getting the very best in news, reviews and previews, as well as the highest quality video productions you'll see on the internet. You'll just be seeing it all on a fancy new website with a name that we feel is a little more obvious.

What you see now is just the beginning of an exciting future for the site, with numerous new features which are going to be rolled out over the coming weeks and months. You can expect to see exclusive video content, new forums, downloads, and the launch of a brand new and unique community site for members.

As with all things new, there may be some teething problems alongside a few temporarily missing site features, but bear with us and enjoy the great content we'll be publishing over the coming weeks.

Welcome to"

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