Handheld Heroes Reviews - Hard Reset

Andy writes - "Flying Wild Hogs decided to try something different when it came to Hard Reset. They wanted to announce it, then release it, all in a very short period of time. This was odd for most to comprehend since games are usually announced way before they are even done or even started on for that matter. After reading our preview that Molotov Cupcake wrote for Hard Reset, I found myself day dreaming of reliving my incredible experiences I had back in my past when shooters were frantic and unrelenting in its desire to wear you down. After the install was finished, it was time to see if all that day dreaming can become a reality."

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Handheld_Heroes3466d ago

Just got the word after I posted my review that there is an EX mode after you beat the game that lets you keep all your upgrades while giving you the hardest difficulty.

chainsawlove3466d ago

EX mode, huh? Cool. I hadn't heard about that.