EA: Battlefield 3 not expected to beat Modern Warfare 3

After all the mudslinging, EA now says that they do not expect Battlefield 3 to beat Modern Warfare 3 in sales.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2718d ago

It was never expected by me, Call Of Duty has a huge fanbase and i was never expecting them to just ditch the game.
But with that said a lot of my buddies I met on Cod are going to pick up this title so I'm sure this game will sell very good.
Can't wait till release date :) As a longtime Battlefield fan i think this game was long overdue.

LOGICWINS2718d ago

“Just to be clear, the [Call of Duty] franchise did about 23 million units worldwide. We don’t expect to surpass them with this year’s Battlefield 3, just to be very clear.”

LMAO, this makes EA look so stupid. How do you spend months talking smack about a game that you know you can't beat?

It's like saying that Usain Bolt isn't really that fast...even though you KNOW he'd smoke you in any footrace.

Shackdaddy8362718d ago

Because talking smack gives them more sales. If you talk smack people will eventually start to listen and buy their product over the competitions.

LOGICWINS2717d ago

^^Absolutely agree. EA looks even more dumb now because they need to use smack talk to get attention instead of letting the game speak for itself.

Hufandpuf2717d ago

That's not dumb to admit the competition is going to win in sales. EA never said they were going to outsell COD, they said it will be a better game and that it will take a chunk out of COD's sales. The mission was never to outsell them even though that'd be great for them.

LOGICWINS2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

"That's not dumb to admit the competition is going to win in sales."

It is after you talk crap about them for the past few months...but thats just my opinion.

"They never said it would sell more
they said it would be a better game."

I personally don't see how you can determine which one of these games is better gameplaywise. Ones an arcade shooter and the other is a tactical one. Graphics and sound is a different story though...a battle that BF3 has already won on the PC from a technically perspective.

Gameplaywise, they are incomparable IMO.

Darkfocus2717d ago

they said it would be a better game. It looks like it'll deliver on that.

Peppino72717d ago

All they've been saying is that their game is better, which it obviously is, but selling more is a different argument. I have friends that are buying cod JUST because other friends are only buying cod. It will be a social decision instead of quality.

Sarcasmology2717d ago

How is that admitting 'defeat'? They're doing nothing but pointing out there's a hell of a lot of retards that support a different product.

hiredhelp2717d ago

Im sure much of the smack talk wasnt aimed at the game itself. but under neaith really it was more aimed to get activisions back up its been on going for ages.

theflyindutchman2717d ago

could not agree more!
typical EA, same sh!t last year with MoH.
i liked the game and i wil like BF3 but come on EA STFU ur sounding so fkn stupid!

ScoobyDrew2717d ago


The only reason that MW3 will sell more is because It's still riding the bandwagon from cod4.

Petro2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

"I personally don't see how you can determine which one of these games is better gameplaywise. Ones an arcade shooter and the other is a tactical one."
I couldn't disagree more with this line, as you can easily say when you compare any two games which is the better one, as it is your opinion.

Lets compare Duke Nukem Forever with Fallout 3, obviously you can say that Fallout 3 is the better game, even tho they are somewhat different genre. And I also can say that clearly from all I have seen that Battlefield 3 is the better game when you compare it to Modern Warfare 3.

XboxInnovation2716d ago

They used Call of Duty to get attention in the headlines and to get the attention of Call of Duty fans. They are also using Frostbite 2 nonsense to hype their game. We all know it's just an upgraded engine, not a brand new engine and that the PC graphics were always going to be jaw dropping regardless.

ShadowJetX2716d ago

The main mission EA is trying to accomplish here is too take away from cod's fanbase to diminish cod's rep/fanbase and absorb them into their own franchise. At least thats how I see it.

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morganfell2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

If any side can be said to win then it wll be BF3 because quality > sales. There are a great many people for whom that simple thought is a mystery. You see it often. They are the real losers in this battle of ideas.

Arnon2717d ago

After the cowardly attack you did to me by trying to lecture me, then block me... I hate to say it, but I completely agree with your comment.

Sales are going to be the last thing you should think about when it comes to this game. Also, if BF3 actually scores higher than MW3, and receives more awards, I guarantee you it will sell better in the long run.

jessupj2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I amazed you only have one bubble morgan. You are always pro sony, but I almost always agree with you and your posts are always well structured with a good arguement.

Guess you've been targeted by a certain group of people.

But while we haven't played either of the games ourselves, from the videos and information we've seen I have to strongly agree BF3 will be the better game by far, in terms of quality of course. We all know the sheep will flock to COD in the millions. Of course that's just subjective. I can't make an objective opinion until I have played both games.

skeletonss2717d ago

i never thought i would agree with you. but i just did.

Arnon2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Call of Duty is pretty much the epitome of a loyal fanbase. I mean, the game has been the same thing for the past 4-5 years. It doesn't get anymore loyal than that. Battlefield 3 however, while not winning in terms of overall sales, will (most likely) win in terms of quality, experience, features, replay ability, awards, reviews, sound, graphics, etc..

EA and DICE have all the right in the world to downplay this franchise. Maybe if it makes a huge dent in it's sales and reputation, they might actually spend more time on one of the titles and make it worth playing. I'm sure everyone here would be perfectly fine waiting a couple years for a new Call of Duty, just so it can be somewhat different from it's predecessor.

On a completely unrelated note; Dice, for the love of God, release Mirror's Edge 2 on the Frostbite 2 engine.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2717d ago

Mirrors Edge 2!!! who knows... maybe it'll be their next project? Besides supporting Bf3 that is.

RedDead2717d ago

It's not loyal, they just don't know any better, Cod attracted alot of new gamers. They think it's normal for a sequel to come out each year and they think it's the greatest thing going, simply because they just don't give other games a chance. I know people who only buy one game a year and it's COD.

RioKing2717d ago

Wow this is a suprise...not! (Said with Borat voice)

It's funny, I stated this obvious fact in another article recently....only to be met with a TON of disagrees. Like I said before, I guess the truth hurts for some people.

I, for one, like that it's not as popular as cod, so there's more hardcore players online than 10 year-olds yapping into my ears...

ape0072717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

what's the problem with being accessible??

it's a style for play

burnout is more accessible GT

super mario galaxy 2 is accessible, 5 year old can enjoy it and it's the highest rated game in this generation of consoles and a masterpiece

mgs is far more accessible than splinter cell chaos theory, yet both give outstanding experience in their certain aspects

I don't understand people saying it's causal, yes call of duty appeals to both the very casual, and core, most pure thirsty core gamers out there, but does that means it's sucks because it's simple? absolutely not

every developer should do what they do BEST to give us the best experience they can

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AngelGirl162718d ago

Of course it not but it gone to be the better game.

LOGICWINS2718d ago

And I assume you've already spent sufficient time with both games to make that determination right?

AngelGirl162717d ago

I watched alpha gameplay from the pc version and it plays like the battlefield games i love.

vortis2717d ago

LOGICWINS, you're joking right?

Ancient tech vs the latest in Frostbite and you're asking how someone can determine which will be better?

That's like saying who is more likely to shoot you in the face while on a duck hunt: Obama or Cheney...we all know who is better with a gun.

Motorola2717d ago

Tech doesn't make it good. Look at Crysis 2. Game was pretty bad. Just because its technically better doesnt mean its a better game.

Chaotic_Lament2717d ago


Crysis and COD4 both came out in 2007. So by your logic, Crysis had much better multiplayer gameplay over COD4 simply because it had a better engine and tech.

LOGICWINS2717d ago

"Ancient tech vs the latest in Frostbite and you're asking how someone can determine which will be better? "

So better tech always means a better game/gaming experience?

Tr10wn2717d ago

"So better tech always means a better game/gaming experience?" in N4G...... yes, in reality no, hence crysis and gran turismo 5 is another good example.

Ser2717d ago


I won't be purchasing MW3. I participated in the BF3 Alpha - which confirmed for me which game would be better.

All CoD titles (thus far) have all played the same for the most part. If MW3 is sticking with the tried and true formula of previous CoD titles, yes, I've already made the decision in my mind. Battlefield 3.

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NYC_Gamer2718d ago

there is enough room for both franchises to be successful

TekoIie2717d ago

Notice how people respond to the smack talk comments and no where near as much to the ones praising both games equally? this shows EAs puplicity stunt worked but it does make them look stupid...

Rearden2717d ago

For sure. Both games are expected to sell well above 10 million. Any game that sells 10 million units is a huge success, with over $500 million in revenue.

JellyJelly2718d ago

As long as it does well enough in sales for them to continue producing these fine gems I'm all fine & dandy with it.

death2smoochie2717d ago

BF3 will never outsell any COD game. Not possible.
That's reality at the moment.
However we all know based n what has been shown and gameplay which is the better quality game.

narutogameking2717d ago

Yes better quality in terms of graphics.

but in terms of gameplay and replayabililty MW3 wins.

death2smoochie2717d ago

Based on what I have saw from both? BF3 looks to be the better game overall.
The fact you can use vehicles/jets etc. Use structures as defense, offense wins out easy imo.
MW3 is nothing more than a rehash of all other COD games with poor visuals and physics.
You actually have a very hard time distinguishing the difference between MW2 and MW3...and that's sad.
The ONLY thing Activision is claiming is 60fps.
Tell me how it beats out BF3 in game play?
Aim Assist? Camping galore? Easy for a 7 year old to play?

Replay ability?
That is fully subjective.
MW3 is a casual FPS game. That will definitively suit the young kids who play the game.

AngelGirl162717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

@ Death

You being kind of a fanboy. Battlefield 3 doesn't really have that many major changes either. They added jets and there a huge graphical update.The enviroments will be less destructible :(. There are some little changes and new ablites to classes and other little things but that pretty much it.

Now MW3 did change up their kill streak system and added alot of balance changes and new perks.

Don't just blindly attack one game. Both games have aim assist. Both games have campers. I personally noticed battlefield has alot more snipers in their games so that leads to more camping. I play battlefield alot and i noticed a few immature people on there as well. So both games have their faults and both are gone to be good.

Caffo012717d ago


does battlefield have aim assist? are you sure?never played bf2 but i'm sure Bad company didn't have it..

Sub-Zero852717d ago

LMAO what are u lookin @ ? The destruction in BF3 is beautiful , the sound of the weapons all sound authentic , they completely changed the melee attack , and instead of just crouching down u can now crawl on the floor those are all huge upgrades all COD games same unrealistic gameplay !!

ScoobyDrew2717d ago

I hope all of you know that you're buying a 60 dollar expansion pack...

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Rearden2717d ago

It will give CoD a run for its money. The reason CoD dominated was because it had no real competition over the past few years. It has now.