TPV Podcast – Episode 23 – The Mother Of All Competitions (Win Gears 3 Limited Edition T-Shirt)

TPV: "We announce the mother of all competitions where you could win a Gears 3 Limited Edition T Shirt thanks to

Jon gives us Driver, Forza 3, Gears Of War 2 & Crimson Alliance. Dave talks Deus Ex, arcade demos Sky Drift,Bloodrayne,Crimson, leedmees & Curtis plays Dead Island, Bodycount, Duke Nukem Forever."

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jsslifelike2717d ago

Does DaveDogg get angry and rant about something? I certainly hope so!

Jonmau52717d ago

Dave is permanently angry and ranting about EVERYTHING. He wakes up in the morning, squirts out his toothpaste and then just stands in the mirror and rants aloud, THIS TOOTHPASTE IS BLUE AAAAAAND RED?? :D