PS3 vs 360 Year to Date: Who is Ruling 2011?

GoozerNation writes: The holiday season is quickly approaching, and a lot of great games have been released since the beginning of 2011, but compartively, how well are the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 doing? Who has the higher reviews? Who has the most exclusives? And which of system has better-reviewed exclusives?

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Misterhbk2715d ago

As far as games go I think it's been made pretty clear that in 2011 and so far looking ahead to 2012 the PS3 definitely has more games coming to it. Combining all of the exclusives with all of the multiplats coming, and you see that there are going to be an onslaught of games coming to the PS3 in the next year.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2715d ago

This is why I use my Ps3 more than my 360.. it has just so many exclusive games releasing all the time.

EVILDEAD3602714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Lol @ these lists being so obviously flawed but NO ONE is mentioning it at all..

Cmon N4G step it up...

Mass Effect 2 is the #1 exclusive for the PS3? LMAO..
Limbo is the #3 exclusive the PS3?? Still nothing?
The fanblogger is using these faulty lists to really claim whose 'better'
So by claiming that if you got a 1% meta over another game then it's better?
Ok..if you agree then look at the PS3 list even further...this guy is saying that PLants vs. Zombies is a 'better' exclusive (lol) than Killzone 3, Infamous 2, and Resistance 3.


Even better is this whole concept is flawed. Xbox and PS3 centric mags and websites review multi-plats for one system alone. They are not comparing if one is better than the other on a system. They are reviewing the game itself. Meaning for example.... if I as a critic for say An Xbox site,
don't like a game's going to get a less score on Metacritc. But I never reviewed that game for the PS3. So how can you possibly include this review as a comparison that multi-plays score better on system or the other.

The other thing is that thr reviews for motion control included games is silly. Name one reviewer that gave Little big planet 2 a great review because of Move.

There's more but what dies it matter..if your going to present a case using using least do your home work. But the funny part is people turning the blind eye to games that have been out for over a year on another console being called exclusives, when they go bezerk if a game being release on a console and PC being called a 'console exclusive' when compared to other consoles.

Just my take


perdie2714d ago


Dude you do realize that Mass effect 2 and limbo both came out THIS year on the ps3?

That makes them a ps3 exclusive FOR 2011

anyway i thought this line was funny.

"While multiplatform titles averaged out to be pretty much the same for both systems, the PlayStation 3’s exclusive titles had just over a 1% advantage over the Xbox 360’s."

Of course they are gonna be the same because they are the same games lol

EVILDEAD3602714d ago

@ Perdie

You do realize both Mass Effect 2 and Limbo came out a year prior on the that does not make them exclusives for thr PS3. They ended up being timed exclusives for the 360 and are now multi-plat.

Killzone 3, Infamous etc. are exclusives..even if those came out a year later on the 360, nobody in their right mind would call them 360 exclusives.

perdie2714d ago


wow just wow. You seriously don't know how to comprehend what I just said. I said, let me spell it out for you, that since those games only came out on the ps3 THIS YEAR the author cosisdered them ps3 exclusives BECAUSE they EXCLUSIVELY came out on the PS3 in the year 2011.

now lets recall the name of the article

"PS3 vs 360 Year to Date: Who is Ruling 2011?"

it says the games of 2011.

Did mass effect or limbo come out on the xbox in 2011? No it didn't

Also of course no one would consider games that are, and for fact will NEVER be on xbox, xbox exclusives. It just won't happen as sony owns them unlike Microsoft and mass effect 2 and limbo.

So for all you disagreers and people that don't understand what I am saying. Please read more carefully. If you need me to explain this subject more just message me i guess.

Why o why2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

games wins this one can 'some' (theres more than one in here) even find the energy to split hairs on this is beyond me. Its a bloody landslide... The only thing flawed is some peoples logic and angles to downplay. Give credit where its due and chill out.

Games wins this accolade and even if you minus the multis that got released on the ps this year (which ive never seen a commenter add to their lists) its still a unanimous win for the ps. A last quarter article would give some a chance to rightly say something as theres quality there but alas this is NOT that article ¬_¬

Projekt7tuning2714d ago

@ perdie
Wow just wow.
You are a smart one.

MOTY2714d ago

@ perdie

I understand what you are saying, but it still makes no sense to call Mass Effect or Limbo "exclusive". Yes they were "exclusive" to the PS3 for the year 2011, but they were already out on the 360. So how can you add Mass Effect 2 and Limbo as "exclusive" simply because it's out a year later on the PS3? It's not like Mass Effect 2 or Limbo are giving the PS3 game library 2 more exclusive games than the 360 because those games are already on the 360 regardless of what years apart they are released.

I understand what your point is and the "crafty" way the blogger uses "2011" in the title, but it's an invalid argument. If the 360 had 100 games in the year 2005, and then all those 100 games were on the PS3 in 2007, that doesn't mean that the PS3 wins 2007 because in 2007 it got 100 games in that year that were already on the 360 the year before. It makes no sense. It's a childs argument.

I could say the 360 beat PS3 in 2005. That doesn't exactly make much sense since the PS3 wasn't even released. Saying a console is better in 1 year over the other console because it has games that were released in that year that were already released a year before on the other console makes absolutly ZERO sense at all, and anyone in their right mind would never use that as an argument.

SephirothX212714d ago

He gets what you're saying but its pointless Mass Effect 2 being exclusive to PS3 for the year 2011 when the 360 version was on the market for both 2010 AND 2011.

EVILDEAD3602714d ago

@ Perdie

'Also of course no one would consider games that are, and for fact will NEVER be on xbox, xbox exclusives. It just won't happen as sony owns them unlike Microsoft and mass effect 2 and limbo'

LMAO @ you taking those examples as literal. Bro is you honestly think that Mass Effect 2 is a Sony Exclusive, like AGAIN everyone knows were out on the 360 a year prior then you clearly have your own definition of what an exclusive is.

By the time Mass Effect 2 made it to the PS3 it was already selling on the 360 at a reduced price new. You could still buy Limbo on Xbox arcade. Like someone alluded to, when a game is released it just doesnt go didappear from retail after it's released. So how is it possible that a Mass Effect 2 is an exclusive if it's STILL on the 360?

Again, it belongs on the multi-plat list, just like Limbo.

Are you REALLY going to argue with that logic?


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Pikajew2715d ago

More games doesn't mean better games. It can have a bunch of games but who said they will all be good?

Misterhbk2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

You say that so often pikajew but even with more games they've averaged a higher review rating than 360 games this year as well, so I guess that means they're pretty good right? More games and better rated games. Maybe take a look at the article and you'll see for yourself.

Pikajew2715d ago

When I see the reviews, 360 games get better ratings than PS3 games and the PS3 usually has a few great games a year. The 360 may get less exclusives but those exclusives always get better scores.

MaxXAttaxX2715d ago

Most PS3 exclusives get high review scores and whether you think they're good or not is subjective to taste and/or your bias.

kikizoo2715d ago

Did you read pikajew ?

more exclusives, and the ten bests ps3 ones are way better (based on reviews) than 10 best xbox, stop dreaming.

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Micro_Sony2715d ago

I love how these articles just completely ignore the Wii.

I love my PS3 and 360 but I wont deny that I really enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy 2 more than some exlusives on the PS3 and 360.

BrutallyBlunt2715d ago

The Wii and the PC are each on different ends of the spectrum The Wii is on the lower end (technically) while the PC is on the higher end. The Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360 are both more or so in the middle fighting amongst each other.

Micro_Sony2715d ago

Yeah but the questions in play here are Who has the higher reviews? Who has the most exclusives? And which of system has better-reviewed exclusives? and not which console has the best graphics and raw power.

Excluding Nintendo from the article is being bias and that alone makes me loose respect for that site.

BrutallyBlunt2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Who is ruling 2011? Well it all depends on how you look at it.

For value I'd say the Playstation 3 offers more out of the box. Free online play and bluray for as low as $249 now.

For games the Playstation 3 again leads with more core based games so far. Even with Kinect titles the XBOX360 is lacking in quantity for disk based exclusives. On the online store I'd say the XBOX360 leads. As far as what exclusives are better that is all purely subjective to each person. One may really be anticipating Dance Central 2 while another may be really anticipating Gears of War 3 for XBOX360 owners. Some Playstation 3 owners may be highly anticipating Disgaea 4 but it still caters to a niche market so again how good they are or if they are Kinect titles is based on each user.

For multiplats it's pretty much a wash. Sure the Playstation 3 is starting to get more attention and some games even have more content or more options (Portal 2), however games like Call of Duty once again lead on the XBOX 360 with DLC timed exclusives. As far as performance again it's minimal differences.

Who leads in online play? I still say XBOX 360. It's more structured with its seamless features and seems to get more attention for content and activity.

The end result though is fairly clear, Sony has been more aggressive this year with exclusive content and the latest price drop. The year isn't over yet though.

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NukaCola2715d ago

Well PS3 has the most games and I am pretty sure LBP 2 is the highest rated exclusive this year. The highlest rated quote unqoute 360 title is Bastion, whish is DLC GAME and technically a multiplat. The PS3 is selling more WW as always(360 still #1 in US and UK though) And the best, well only exclusive this year for 360 is Gears, which is great, but with COD coming out in November, that is going to be deleted from people's eyes in a month and change. Yes PS3 will sell just as much COD minus maybe a million, but it still has tons of games coming to include Uncharted 3, Journey, and the VITA( plus much more revealing at TGS). Either which way, with the multiplats this year from Portal 2, LA NOIRE, Dead Space 2, MW3, RAGE, ARkham, AC Rev, and of coure......SKYRIM!!!!...This is definitely one of the best years in gaming.

LOGICWINS2715d ago

"And the best, well only exclusive this year for 360 is Gears..."

?? I could have sworn that Forza 4 and Halo Anniversary were also 360 exclusive games coming out this year.

NoobSessions2715d ago

Lol, well according to N4G, Forza and Halo aren't coming out this year. ;]

NukaCola2715d ago

Well, those I didn't think of. But you are right. Forza is what ever, I have GT5 and FMS3 and both are enough for a fix, but I am not big into racing sims. Halo looks pretty awesome, I dont know if I would get it, but I am glad kids who grew up this gen can really see why Halo is a champ. The original is still the best of the series through and through. And the flashback feature is incredible. I hope if they remake(not just HD remaster) future titles, they should all do this. Putting the Reach engine on top of the original is pure brilliance. Keeping the game exactly intact is such a great fanservice. When 343 said the sniper pistol was still redonkulously overpowered, I had a smile. Best times with buddies was playing blood gauge with just pistols. Ok F*ck it, Im getting it too.

Zir02715d ago ShowReplies(4)
Godmars2902715d ago

Neither. Too much confusion has been generated.

MasterCornholio2715d ago

As far as games go the PS3 for me.

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