Imagining Resident Evil 6

Rely on Horror: "Back in late July we received one very telling image from a user on our forum that was taken at a behind-closed-doors Capcom press conference at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, presumably. Said image gave us a look at not only Resident Evil 6’s logo, but also an actual date. This date wasn’t for the game’s release, of course, but rather its official reveal. With September 15th being right around the corner, right in time for TGS 2011, it looks like Capcom is set to make quite an El Gigante-sized announcement for Resident Evil fans at the venue. With that being said, I figured I should pitch in with my personal expectations for what Resident Evil 6 should be. "

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WhiteLightning2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Claire in RE6....I wouldn't mind it if she was a partner but Leon has to be the main character. Although being honest I'd rather see Rebbeca Chambers, someone we havent seen in like forever, then Claire unless she pops up half way through the game.

"Basically, the Organization served as a major, underground, rival to Umbrella, with their goal being to take possession of the giant pharmaceutical corporation’s viruses for their own, personal use. Most importantly, Albert Wesker and Ada Wong served as the main heads of the group. Well, Albert’s gone now, presumably leaving Ada as the main brain of the operation."

Well that's wrong....Wesker and Ada just worked for them, they wern't "heads" of the Organization and I doubt Ada took over. Wesker joined them to help revive Umbrella, once that was done by RE4 he secretly betrayed the Organization to bring Umbrella back to it's glory days by getting funding off the S company which was then revealed to be Tricell, they wanted a sample of a virus to see if Wesker could be trusted...that's why he wanted the Master Plagas sample in RE4 and told Ada to retrive it. Ada was a double agent though, she worked for the Organization/Agency but pretended to work with Wesker to spy on him for the Organization since they were suspicious what he was doing. Once they found out in RE4 they told her to give him a fake sample "Control Plagas" instead of the Master Plagas, but Ada knew what she was getting her self into, she even said "Wesker wasn't stupid, tough times lay in wait". We never even found out if Wesker did go after Ada or if he just made do with the Plagas sample...looks like in the end Tricell was still impressed with the Control "fake" sample they helped him thus leading to the events in RE5.

I think it will be Leon though in the next game they have A LOT of questions to answer especialy about Ada, Wekser and the fake sample. The even games feature Leon, Ada and Claire while the odd games feature the STARS team Chris, Jill and Barry. It would be alright if Rebbeca went with Leon since we havent saw her since RE Zero and she was in the Alpha Stars team unlike Chris, Jill and Barry who were in the Bravo team.

Wouldn't it be cool if Sherry Birkin became a villain and took over from where Wesker left off since Wesker had some spies working within the Government who were keeping an eye on her, maybe they kidnapped her and he used her as a failsafe. Maybe they could bring in Alex Wesker aswell.

zeal0us2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Paraphrasing is your friend, man that is a lot, well least its not all bunch together.

Hopefully Capcom learn from RE5 feedback, so RE6 can be a great title.

jeseth2715d ago

Find a way to get back to Raccoon City and the original Mansion...almost like a complete backtrack from the end of RE2 to the beginning of RE.

I want RE to get away from the Las Plagas theme and get back to its roots . . . when RE was incredible.

Michael-Jackson2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I question that logo being fake, photo-shopped, anyway all will be revealed on 15th September.

What's up with that horrible drawing?

Sinkway2715d ago

Just please capcom bring back the horror.

Excited2play2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I can't wait to see what they've been working on. I just hope it's not single player co-op again. I like the feeling of isolation and dread.

whatever setting they decided on..I REALLY want it to take place at night.

Creepy, dark rainy night...with thunder and lightning..and the creepy moaning and sounds of burning barrels and slow footsteps surrounding you..and the merchant as a playable character. (once you complete the singer player campaign of course)