Head2Head: Madden NFL 12 Analysis (PS3 & Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! Football season is finally here and it is time to kick things off with a Head2Head of this year’s Madden! Grab yourself a hot dog and your beverage of choice as these age old rivals line up against each other in this epic match up. Like two old rivals, these consoles are pulling out all the stops to be this years Madden Super Bowl Champs. Read on to see the final score and the winner of this exciting match up!"

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Joe Bomb2717d ago

Thank god the NFL is back bringing us the greatest game in the world! As for Madden, the PS3 got sacked here with a crappy EA Sports annual rehash using an engine that's 6 years old. Money hungry pr!cks!

cstyle2717d ago

360 version is definitely superior. Not that it matters though.

Paradicia2717d ago

Complete white wash :/

What's with all the ghosting on the PS3 screens? Looks like someone smeared the version with Vaseline.

MasterCornholio2717d ago

From the looks of this they did a terrible job with the PS3 version.

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