Why Gears of War is the Quintessential 9/11 Game

Ever since Mitch Krpata first played Gears of War almost five years ago, it has struck him as a game that could not have existed without 9/11, what with its unusual and potent mix of fear, uncertainty, and powerlessness.

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omi25p3296d ago

Im confused, is this surposed to be a joke?

aviator1893296d ago

No, it's just the writer's take on the subject. It's actually a well-written article if you take the time to read through it rather than replying based upon the title.

omi25p3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I did read the article and i found the whole thing ridiculous. The whole idea that gears is based off the war on terror is ludicrous.

No one is desperately close to extinction. Its a war between crazed extreamists and power hungery politicians. Not between a mutant life form thats invading from underground and a small group of soliders.

I dont ever remember the US, Uk and the other forces involved ever being as desperate as the COG are.

The only thing that is slightly similar is the fact the locust attack at random, Except the terrorists aim to kill, Not invade and inslave as the locust do.

Also you obviously agree with his article which is fine. I dont agree with him. But Im also not just some fanboy who just reads the title and defends his console/game.

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Megaton3296d ago

This is freakin' absurd. I always see people go through the laughable exercise of making Gears seem like a really deep game, and not just a casual, violent romp through hordes of juiced up aliens. Never seen anyone try to exploit 9/11 for that purpose, though. This is a first, congrats.

JokesOnYou3296d ago

There is no connection/comparison between 9/11 and Gears, its a ridiculous stretch to suggest they share anything in common and as an American I find it insulting.

btw, I also find the overblown media coverage and commercialization of 9/11 on TV this week & today insulting, its good to remember those who lost their lives and honor our heroes but really do we need all the TV ads, plugs, network promotions using 9/11?

JhawkFootball063296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Anyone comparing the tragic events of 9/11 to a very fictional video game should go to hell

gamingdroid3296d ago

I'm confused, what does any of this has to do with "fanboy"?

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Micro_Sony3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Have to agree with omi on this. I read the article and the author could have done the same thing with any other war game - Resistance could easily replace Gears in the title.

Micro_Sony3296d ago

Nice written article though and great community atmosphere in the comment section of the site.

Chaostar3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Well written article and I respect the writers interpretation even though I disagree.

It seems most of the ties he mentions are based around a tense feeling of suspense brought on by gears gameplay. However I would argue that there are many other games, which better convey this feeling i.e. Dead Space, Resistance etc.

I'm thinking that the author is just playing on the current date and the release date/hype of Gears 3 to generate hits, although in an intelligent and insightful way.

KwietStorm3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

He really does seem to have some desire to just jump on the 9/11 hype, and for whatever reason thought Gears was the best fit, as far as games are concerned I guess.

gamingdroid3296d ago

I don't know, maybe CoD would have been a better fit?

At least there you are sort of fighting terrorists.

Death3296d ago

The writer emphasises the feelings of helplessness, not the actual event. He has some valid points and isn't insisting the two are related in any way other than the way they might make you feel.

It is a well written article which is becoming rare these days.


JokesOnYou3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Still I have to disagree with you, although I liked the story in Gears especially Gears2 I'd hardly say it made me feel anykind of emotion close to 9/11, actually I'd never even remotely had any thought about the 2 having a connection. Now I understand everybody is different but I really do find it hard to believe even the most "emotional" type has actually played Gears while genuinely feeling it had "the mood and the subtext of a real-life atrocity" as the writer suggests. I mean if true, you could basicly make the same case for Resistance, Crysis2, COD, KZ and just about every shooter out there, hell I definitely feel like the Halo franchise offers a emotional connection deeper than most other shooters but its still far from how I think most people felt in connection to seeing reports of so many people who died and in some cases watching people jump from buildings to their death out of fear and on top of that all the suffering their families went through afterwards...really theres just NO comparison.

Jack_DangerousIy3296d ago

*thinks about typing*.....


manumit3296d ago

*thinks about saying "but you did type..."*


Jack_DangerousIy3296d ago

Funny. I was actually tempted to type that I was aware that I was typing. But I figured people would just go with it. I guess not. :)

You're super cool.

KwietStorm3296d ago

This is really, really unnecessary, and I'm almost at a loss with how someone can take the time to think this through and write up such an articulated piece, especially when you're just wrong.

Buff10443296d ago

Agree 100 percent. I hate this article.

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