Is this Captain Price in Modern Warfare 3?

PC Games writes: "Some time ago, were released some artworks of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. One of the pictures we noticed on closer inspection, a character who - if we are not mistaken - Captain Price is." Check the complete Story after the break!

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iamnsuperman2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Yes. Quick trivia. Every infinity ward COD game has a Capt Price of some sorts. It is more likely than not it is going to be the same one as the story is continuing. Treyarch does the same but I can't remember the name

OcularVision2716d ago

Yeah, there's a price in every IW game. I think the Treyarch games all have a Reznov.

Sunhammer2716d ago Show
NukaCola2716d ago

This pic is kind og small and blurry, so I cant really tell. Are they going by the face that there is drakness on his face to appear a possible mustache?

Well I mustache you this: Whay would he be in it? MW2 ended on a 24 meets Prison Break kind of note with the characters, but I am more than sure Price and Soap wil be in there, and probably Ghost too. I don't really know where this story is going exactly, but I am possitive that you'll see them in MW3. And maybe even in MW4.

wedgie2715d ago

Spoiler for MW2...

Ghost died with Roach by the General.

Dee_912715d ago

cha it was sarcasm :/

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Megaton2716d ago

It's one continuing story for all the MW games, and he didn't die in MW2. Conclusion: he will be in MW3.

stevenhiggster2715d ago

I agree, what is the big deal with Capt. Price being in MW3? It's hardly a bloody surprise is it?
Slow news day I guess.

MrGunny942716d ago

Yup you see it's the same model from MW2.... which is sad...

SockMaster2715d ago

Sorry this is off topic but can i just say i LOVE your picture! Jason Becker is awesome! <3

LightofDarkness2715d ago

Whoever disagreed with you needs to have their fingers removed, as they clearly don't appreciate them and their potential for awesome.

sher00win992716d ago

of course he will be, this is the continuation of modern ware 2

Cleopatra2716d ago

Yes, that photo is really the crucial evidence you needed to validate your articles claim.

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The story is too old to be commented.