The Top 10 Lazy Games For Lazy Gamers

BT: Everyone loves a good adrenaline rush. We love challenging ourselves, playing against large handicaps and overcoming vastly superior odds. We like proving to ourselves and to each other that we truly are the best of the best. Games allow us to do this to our hearts content, presenting us with hundreds of impossible situations that normal people would never find themselves in, and allowing them to live out fantastical events without actually having to put their lives on the line to enjoy them.

But other times, a person might not want a high action, adrenaline-charged, shoot-em-up adventure. Sometimes you feel lazy. Sometimes, people feel lazy and don’t want to work out their minds or their fingers. So, let’s take a look at ten games that you can play without paying much attention at all, for those times when you just don’t want to commit or want to multitask.

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Son_Lee2690d ago

This author's writing is just lazy and atrocious. It makes my eyes bleed.

ZoidsRaven2690d ago

I know Shiren the Wanderer isn't on that list....
They obviously played the game on easy mode.. 7_7

Jio2690d ago

I had good memories with Pokemon Snap. Just relaxing with the great music and taking pictures.

Ravenor2690d ago

POkemon Snap is the can print stickers.

Arnon2690d ago

Hell yeah. I remember walking in to blockbuster with my cartridge and plugging it in that giant machine.

Pozzle2690d ago

A Pokemon Snap sequel would be amazing. With heaps more chapters and Pokemon to take photos of!

Myst2690d ago

Hey! It was hard getting pictures of Mew that little son of a b-- was always moving!

lol all jokes aside Pokemon snap was fun.

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