New Arma 3 Screenshots Shows Stunning Graphics

Bohemia Interactive has released some new screenshots of Arma 3.

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ATi_Elite2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Looks super dam good! the underwater screenshots got me excited to find out about the new game play

blumatt2715d ago

Looks great. Is this game coming to consoles? J/W

MAJ0R2715d ago

negative soldier, consoles would explode at even the site of this game

C_Menz2715d ago

I could see it releasing for the ps4/wii U/etc. but not for current consoles. It isn't coming out yet so it is a possibility, although I highly doubt it.

blumatt2715d ago

Oh, ok, guys. I really didn't know. Oh well. lol Still tons of other games to play.

Yeah, I'd say it's definitely possible it'll get put on those next gen systems eventually. They'll have the power to play it for sure.

dark-hollow2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Well why not?
Only With sub-hd res with horrendous draw-distance and low res textures.

Angrymorgan2715d ago

Arms 2 was gonna b on consoles but got canceled for some reason

caboose322715d ago

Honestly even if they did optimize it for console, I dont think they would be able to port it over.

A keyboard doesnt even have enough damn keys for the control functions and UI in this game so I doubt that could fit on a controller at all.

ATi_Elite2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )


Consoles would grind to a halt like an engine in the red line with no oil.

plus this is a simulation game and not the everyday arcade experience that consolers like.

Arma series = as real to war as your gonna get without seeing an Armed Forces Recruiter!

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hiredhelp2715d ago

Sorry blummatt This pc exclusive only also a power hungury game. no console can run this if you want to play something simular i suggest operation flashpoint sequels.

iamnsuperman2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Which are good but no were near as good. The best operation flashpoint game was the first (PC only). I really want to try ARMA 3 but do not have the cash nor know how to build a gaming rig

hiredhelp2715d ago

I can understand that your not alone many ppl are in same boat as you mate.
If by anychance you live in the uk. Let me know i have a mobo with a i5 i can offer you very cheap. As i build computers this run any game like this no issues as long as you got video card to back it up. If not if you really that deadicated to having pc maybe sell what you play on now. But you have to be commited buddy..

ElVeneno2715d ago

I built my PC not for battlefield 3 (even though I'm getting it Day 1) i built my PC for ArmA 3 baby! 2012 can't come soon enough!! Thank you BIS!

Brownghost2715d ago

Man my computer can't run this on minimum but can run many of the latest games on maximum, hope its really that good

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