Ms Splosion Man Pinball FX 2 Table Review (GamingBolt)

GB: "Pinball FX 2 seems to just keep pumping out more and more pinball tables adding Achievements/Trophies, that I really don't see any end to this. Of course this is great news for people who love to play pinball, or at least an arcade pinball game. All the tables that are released for the game are priced at a low price, unless you are purchasing a package of tables. For example they have a whole bunch of different Marvel themed tables, like Wolverine and the Fantastic Four. Even Captain America which we have reviewed right here on the site. With the latest tables that have been released I would say that they definitely keep it interesting, but the newest table release which is the Ms. Splosion Man table, I would they are starting to keep things up to date now as well."

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