Opinion: MW3 needs all Call of Duty DLC to be playable

Product-Reviews writes: Why do we pay for map packs only to buy the next CoD game, which does not support any DLC from the past? MW3 should change all that, we’d like Activision to allow previously purchased DLC to be playable on new games, and more specifically MW3. Activision has made a lot of money from this franchise, so some of that should be given back to the gamer that has parted with their cash.

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Crazyglues2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Well the main reason this won't happen is because giving back to the fans is just something Activision does not do.. LoL

They are in the business of taking your money, not giving it back to you.. -but all jokes aside that would be cool, but I can't see it happening unless there is a fee attached to it..$$$

That's just the Activision way- rob the consumer blind...

If your reading this and you have some free time check out this video - --Someone needs to get Bobby Kotick in the ring and Knock some sense into his head.

Sept. has been awesome so far first Dead Island turn out to be an awesome fun game and now the fight is this Weekend -Man I'm pumped, can't wait for Oct. (BF3)

danswayuk2718d ago

Such a shame you're most probably right, what happened to putting the gamer first?

iamnsuperman2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Well that went away when companies decided to be like a business and survive. Business is ruthless and is all about money.

KillerBBs2717d ago

make a game with good hit detection and that will be enough for me. Black Ops is worst than Gears in that department.

I was addicted to video games... it was costing me my job, staying up to 3 in the morning. Black Ops cured me. I can put down that game after on game.

KillerBBs2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Black Ops is so bad... it hinds behind the Call of Duty title... if it didnt have that, it would of sold a thenth of the amount of copies.

Laypoof2718d ago

The call of doody franchise is complete and utter garbage.

3GenGames2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Now, anyway. I mean, COD4 was/is good. It's just one Activi$ion saw those dollar signs, it declined in quality after about 1 game, COD4, and both companies leeched onto the engine and same gameplay and it went to the noobs.

I still believe Infinity Ward and Treyarch could be better if Activision would let them change somethings, but the director of it all is Activision, we need to be mad at them, not their slave companies that get stuck doing that.

floetry1012718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

It is very much about business, and regardless of opinion, you can't deny Kotick's business smarts.

The series is still trending upwards and until it sees a decline, they'll bombard consumers with all kinds of superfluous extras.

DLC seems expensive to outsiders, but the players buying these map packs spend 30+ more hours on them, hence providing 3 times the hours that the average single player campaign offers. That's a quarter of the cost.

I'm not into the DLC thing myself, but I think the arguments are blown out of proportion, especially if you don't play Call of Duty.

It's simple, if you don't like it, don't play it. There are more than enough choices coming up in the holidays to make you forget that Modern Warfare 3 even exists.

vortis2717d ago

Too bad many of those choices are all trying to mimic Call of Duty.

Also, you make the argument like it's arbitrary: you like it or you hate it.

There's a ton of games I love but are plagued with "well, you need this DLC to find out what REALLY happens..." and that's a huge turnoff. DLC is almost turning into the Freemium cash shop thing where you have to "pay to win" for a lot of games, so to speak.

TheUndertaker852717d ago

Not to mention there is a second big reason it won't happen and something that should've tipped off the writer not to even waste the time writing about old DLC being playable.

Since there'll be no Zombies in Modern Warfare 3, that eliminates quite a bit of the DLC that came out for Black Ops. Not to mention some of the DLC that came out for World at War.

floetry1012717d ago

Spec Ops is virtually Infinity Ward's version of zombies. They have a round by round game mode that increases in difficulty. Not disagreeing with you here, but they do have room to move when DLC time rolls around. I'll be interested to see what they come up with.

Rehashing old maps is diabolical though and a complete insult.

narutogameking2717d ago

That would be a pretty stupid idea from a business perspective. You know no one will ever do that. I don't' see EA doing it with BF3. Those greedy bastards! Money this! Money that! What about me the gamer!?

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Crazyglues2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

sorry this posted twice for some reason.

DrFUD2718d ago

This has to be the dumbest idea I ever heard.
If you want to play COD's WaW zombie map from its 2nd DLC pack then go play WaW again.
There's still people playing it.

danswayuk2718d ago

Activision could and should make DLC possible to be all on one game, the latest release just as Singstar does with songs.

IM_A_NINJA2718d ago

I actually don't really want to see MW2 or COD4 maps on MW3. It sort of defeats the purpose, the COD4 maps in MW2 were a huge mistake because COD4 played so differently then MW2. Those maps were just a big cluster-f*&$.

jdktech20102718d ago

This....As much as you people slam COD for not changing, they change enough to make the games play different. The maps in a new game are specifically created and tailored for the new game's style. It's really not feasible to bring back old maps to play with the new game because then how would they make money (it's a business and no company likes giving up money...not even Valve or Blizzard) and the style of the games are completely different.

This is a ridiculous idea and while it would be cool from the fans perspective for nostalgia, I think you would find most maps would stink with the new game's setup.

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