Skydrift: Mario Kart Who? (Hooked Gamers)

As a competitive combat racer with power ups and a cap of eight players, SkyDrift draws immediate comparisons to the Mario Kart franchise. DigitalReality itself has acknowledged this, stating that if Mario Kart took to the skies, the result would be SkyDrift. I disagree. While SkyDrift owes an immense debt to Mario Kart as the paragon of the genre to which all others aspire, the changes DigitalReality has wrought result in a game that plays differently than Mario Kart, but in a good way.

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NESpower2718d ago

I love me some Mario Kart.

SilentNegotiator2718d ago

You saw someone "attack" Recycled Kart and you just had to swoop in, didn't you?

eagle212718d ago

You saw someone love MK, and had to swoop in and "attack".

SilentNegotiator2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

No, I saw someone trolling as usual (this time with off topic comments), and I responded.

He's here to defend Mario Kart, I came here to find out what Skydrift is.

*checks your comment history*
Ahh, you're another Nintendo defender. Never mind, we're done here.

NESpower2718d ago

No, Mario Kart wasn't bashed by this article. I understand when you are the king of the "item racing" genre you must be compared to every wannabe. Even if the comparisons aren't justified. Mario Kart will remain king and this game will be replaced by another then another.