Dead Island banned in the UAE

Dead Island gets the boot in the United Arab Emirates.

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FEARprototype2720d ago

so that's the reason i couldn't find the game any where...well..the xbox 360 version that is..i can find the ps3 copies everywhere..

ChrisW2720d ago

UAE = United Arab Emirates.

Does that have anything to do with your post?

FEARprototype2720d ago

well from the uae.
am trying to find an xbox version of dead island but with no vain but the ps3 version is available everywhere.
is that relevant enough for you?

ChrisW2720d ago

So what you're implying is that ONLY the PS3 version is sold in UAE?

Interesting... and weird...

Fez2720d ago

PS3 It only does... circumventing national laws.

SilentNegotiator2720d ago

Of course not, Chris. Because everyone lives in the United States of 'Merica and playstation ISN'T more popular in the UAE.


Yeah, circumventing FACIST national laws...

ChrisW2720d ago

To all of those who clicked 'disagree',

FEARprototype made no indication in his post that he actually lives in the UAE. For all I knew, he could be living in South Africa, Argentina, or heck even Mongolia... and that he could have possibly posted without reading the article.

Here in N4G, it's not uncommon for people to post unrelated comments.

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gaffyh2720d ago

1. Do we really need a story about every game that is banned in the UAE?

2. Who's surprised? Really? The game has female zombies in bikinis, that's why it's banned, the violence is not the reason for the ban.

jony_dols2720d ago

I thought that the UAE authorities would enjoy seeing players decapitating those bikini-clad infidel temptresses.

LeonhartX2720d ago

are you trying to be funny? i am not laughing

JsonHenry2720d ago

hahahahaha @ Jony_dols!!!! Bubs dude. That is what I was thinking but you beat me to it. maybe if the female zombies were wearing head to toe burkas then it would be allowed to be sold. Killing westerners and South Pacific islanders on vacation is a non-issue for them. But a woman in a bikini? I don't think so!

jony_dols2720d ago

'The Foreign Office website says that in Dubai public displays of affection are unacceptable, and there have been several arrests for kissing in public. Sex outside marriage is illegal in the UAE, as is cohabitation, adultery and homosexual behaviour.'

And foreign nationals need to apply for a special license (similar to a driving license) to purchase & drink alcohol.

Now that is funny.

dark-hollow2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )


Your joke is funny, but now you are going into deep shit!!!
We don't need political/religion fights here in n4g

jony_dols2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I'm neither a racist nor intolerant.

I have Muslim friends and I respect their religious beliefs & traditions, but I also think that considering that UAE consider themselves as a modern liberal Muslin society, some of the countries laws pretty damn out of touch, and encroach on peoples civil liberties, rather than than allowing citizens to make up their own minds on whether they want to drink alcohol or simply kiss in public.

Hey I live in a western secular society, and I know plenty of people who make conscientiousness decisions to not drink alcohol or display their affections in public, but at least they have a choice, rather than facing jail time in UAE!

And we all know, that if the women in Dead Island were fully clothed then this game would not have received a ban.

Heavy Rain received a ban, while God of War & Dead Space are given the all clear....Makes sense. /sarc

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ChrisW2720d ago

The only way they'll get the game to sell is to put the female zombies in hijabs and take out any alcohol references because it is 'haram' (forbidden).

GTRrocker2720d ago

The zombies that run at you and explode isn't the reason it is banned either.

xX-Jak-Xx2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Really i bought 4 days ago
i'm from UAE^^

crematory2720d ago

not true this game every where for 180 dhs
about 49$

_LarZen_2720d ago

Something tells me gamers in UAE have places/ways to buy games regardless what the government says :P

FEARprototype2720d ago

you have great insight my friend.

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