Final Fantasy XIII-3: Square-Enix Versus the fans

Product-Reviews writes: Are Square-Enix really testing fans resolve with a possible third Final Fantasy XIII game? If Final Fantasy Versus XIII was finished 100%, this wouldn’t be an issue, but since they continue to alienate fans with a lack of information, this may serve as the final straw for some.

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stonecold32716d ago

wow why dont square just finish ffvs 13 and stop fooling around and get ffvs 13 released asap?

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tr00p3r2716d ago

Maybe since everyone else is doing trilogies, SE feels its time they joined the trend..shame it's FFXIII and not FF7 though.

They gone nuts.

blumatt2716d ago

The sad part is that if both next gen consoles supported bluray, there wouldn't have been a need for a trilogy. The original FF 13 could have had a lot bigger and longer story, thus it wouldn't have needed any sequel(s).

TheBatman_Fanatic2716d ago

Next gen? Are you from the future?

blumatt2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Umm, if you noticed I used the past tense, as in I was referring to this current generation. Maybe I shouldn't have said "next-gen", but you know what I meant. If the 360 had a bluray drive, or had they stayed PS3 exclusive on the game, the original FF 13 game would have been MUCH larger and longer, thus negating the need for a sequel(s).

Of course, they could have just used the full 50GB of bluray on the PS3 version, and then made the 360 version like 6 discs. But, obviously, that would have sucked to have to keep track of all those discs.

WhiteLightning2716d ago

You know what they should do if they do this

Just cut the crap and admit that the whole "Fabula Nova Crystallis" series didn't work out

It was supposed to be FF13, FF13 Versus and FF13 Agito. Then FF13 Agito was changed to it's own sperate game FF Type-0.

They NEED to do this with FF13 Versus, a game which actualy looks like a decent FF game shouldn't be a side game of a crap main title FF game

Square should come out at E3 or the TGS near the time FF13 verus is going to get a release date and announce that FF13 Versus will be named Final Fantasy 15. A main title FF game this gen that will hopefully be an amazing game.

It means we get a good main title FF this gen, they don't need to plan FF15 they can start FF16 for next gen and by the time next gen comes Sqaure will hopefully have FF16 ready in the first year of the new consoles coming out. Everyone wins

Tanir2716d ago

ff13 being crap means ff13-2, FF Type 0 and FFv13 = didn't work out?

man who woulda thought only one game of the series being out would equal the entire thing being fail....from your logic atleast.

type 0 is an amazing game (just needed vita's dual analog) and versus looks amazing and pretty sure is 100% amazing with nomura being the creator.

stop judgingg everything before its out and stop commenting on ff13 articles if u hate it so much lol

and your love for freakazoid proves my point *facepalm

WhiteLightning2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"ff13 being crap means ff13-2, FF Type 0 and FFv13 = didn't work out"

No...I'm relating to the article, if they're doing FF13-2 and thinking about FF13-3 then the whole crystal series crap didn't work out did it. I never said Type 0/Versus was crap but yes I can safely say FF13-2 will be crap

"stop judgingg everything before its out and stop commenting on ff13 articles if u hate it so much lol"

Tell that to every other person of here that's hating on it. Least I'm not a blind Square fan like you. It's a comment section of an article everyone get's to voice their opinions. Oh but I understand what people like you are like

"If they don't agree on my opinion or views then they don't have the right to voice theirs"

MrSpace2716d ago

LOL @ Tanir telling people hating on it to stop commenting. Theirs A LOT of people that hate Final Fantasy 13, I think you would need a lot of bubbles to tell everyone off. I find it funny how every Final Fantasy 13 fan tells people off for commenting on 13 related articles if what they're saying is negative. Stop being suck a dick man it's a comment website everyone should be able to make their voice heard.

Tanir2716d ago

not telling people off for hating ff13, but for sayin the rest of the games will suck.

the crystal arc has type 0 and versus included, and i dont think its right to judge those because of one other game that wasnt so good.

im not a blind fan, if i was i would have loved ff 9, 10, 12 i dont actually i hate 12 like u guys hate 13 soooo yeah lol

DeleteThisxx2716d ago


Your response is funny because last I checked you're the same person who called people stupid for wanting something you didn't approve of in their collector's edition. Oh, the irony.

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DA_SHREDDER2716d ago

Yeah i dont know why they wait till they make the crappiest FF to start making trilogies? BTW, its not Squeenix versus its fans anymore. They used to have fans, now they are just fighting themselves.

Tanir2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

to be fair, ff12 was the crappiest lol, combat that literally played itself (gambit system) worst story, worst characters (except for bacsh), all characters were the same except different skins,

vahn wasnt even the real main character it was ash. and it was just an offline mmo.

i mean if you set your gambits right the game killed everything, healed everyone, buffed everyone without you holding the controller, you could make your team a bot if you wanted. that equaled fail

EDIT @THUGBOB lemme get this right......random encounters are out dated, but yet you want the game to be like the older game with older slow battle system???

not sayin i disagree, just sayin u sound like a hypocrite.

thugbob2716d ago

FF12 is better than 13 in my opinion and I also think the battle system is better too. FF13 should have been an improvement on 12's battle system instead of going with a semi random encounter type thing.

Random encounter/going on to a different battle screen is so outdated. Everything should happen real time in my opinion.

Outside_ofthe_Box2716d ago

I agree with thugbob.

I like FF12 better than 13, battle system and all.

FFvs13 will be real time battles which is one of the reasons why I looking forward to it.

thugbob2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

First off, you say that FF12 battle system is so slow, but so is 13. Going in and out of battle screens is not faced paced in my opinion. Talk about hypocrisy lol.

Second, I said that it should be an IMPROVEMENT. If you IMPROVE on something it's no longer old lol. I didn't say make it exactly like 12, I said SE should have IMPROVED on 12's system.

Optical_Matrix2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

FFXII was not the 'crapiest'...Son, you MAD? FFXII was some of the most innovation I've seen out of Square Enix for years. I'd argue that in fact, despite all the hate FFXII got, it was taking the series in the direction it needed to go. Less linear while still keeping the strong story driven JRPG values we like to see.

Ivalice was huge, the combat was decent, albeit gambits were a pain to use in some of the harder fights. I stand by my personal opinion that in terms of gameplay, FFXII was one of the best, up there with VI, VII and X as although it didn't have the strongest of main characters, it felt fresh. Brilliant game.

As for XIII, it wasn't a bad game. But it wasn't a good FF either. Take away the FF name and it would have got 9/10 across the board. But the linearity and silly plot was not what I expect from an FF title, especially one that's been hyped for 5 years. That said, I'm really excited for XIII-2. I enjoyed XIII for what it was, and XIII-2 looks like the FF title I've been waiting for.

Square Enix need not make a 3rd iteration though. It's not needed and quite honestly, pure milkage. This is Final Fantasy, not Call of Duty. As if SE's integrity was not questioned already. They're treating FF like some throw away cash cow when, back in it's hay day, it was one of the most fantastical, high quality and sophisticated story driven gaming experiences on the planet.

I pray to god, this leads to nothing.But knowing SE, it will. Because lets face it, like a lot of the heavy hitting big name Japanese publishers, they've just completely lost touch with their fans this generation. And that, is what is wrong with the Japanese industry. The big name developers who are the ones who are meant to be representing the Japanese game industry aren't showing any passion for what they do.

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Supman2716d ago

I want ffxiii-1-2-3-4-5
whatever, they just also need
to give us what we have been waiting for:
do no make promises you can't
keep square.

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