New details revealed for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection’s re-recorded voices

Kojima Productions have revealed several new details regarding the re-recorded voice acting for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, including a list of the biggest “offending” characters.

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PirateThom2715d ago

As long as it's just the voice actors re-recording the same lines, then we're good.... don't mess this up like Twin Snakes.

buddymagoo2715d ago

It's probably to up the Audio quality.

Pozzle2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

It's been a while since I played Twin Snakes so I might be wrong, but didn't most of the original voice actors return for that game? I remember being so disappointed with the new recordings...especially Mei Ling and Naomi (who mysteriously lost their accents after MGS1)...

jon12342715d ago

lmao, what ever weirdo.........

but i think its stupid i like the original mei ling and naomi :(

beast242tru2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

i never played these 3 games i mean i played a little of peace walker on a friends psp and i had to dame it the best lookin psp game but i will be getting the collection for my ps3 dual analogs and update graphics will make peace walker better the onli metal gear i played strait threw is mgs4 keep hearing talk about thw whole franchise so i gata give a try

BlmThug2715d ago

It should the same actors from the original games. Look at how the messed up the Silent Hill HD by getting different actors from the original games

Inception2715d ago

Ok, cmiiw, it's looks like only Konami doing this re-recording thing. I've seen Sony (GoW, Sly Cooper, Ico/SotC collection), Ubisoft (PoP, SC colletion), or even Cacpom (RE) not doing it. And i don't recall any bad quality sound in their collection.

RufustheSage2714d ago

NO!! How dare they!!
Just kidding can't wait.

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