Eurogamer review: Tabula Rasa

Aliens, a fairly sincere voice-over informs us, have invaded Earth and made a right bloody mess. But it's okay, because now we're bringing the fight to them, and kicking their scaly, leathery, vaguely insectoid backsides across exotic plants around the galaxy. Would you like to know more?

Massively multiplayer games are all evolving things, and Eurogamer is very, very keen to watch Tabula Rasa's evolution. The initial launch is incredibly promising, more than anything else. Right now, it's imperfect - but it's great fun to play, and we don't regret investing dozens of hours into the game - which is fairly high praise, given how many great games are sitting half-played on top of our various consoles. It's not necessarily the future of MMORPGs, no; but it's got polish to rival WoW in many key places, it's got great ideas, it eliminates much of the hated grind, and it's got a combat system that's fast, fun and unique. So as for those filthy bugs... Eurogamer's going to do our part. Are you?

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