The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Gameplay Preview and Vampire Reveal

Bethesda has finally confirmed that ‘Skyrim’ will give players the choice to become a vampire, and detailed the new gameplay mechanics that will be introduced.

In case you’ve been avoiding any updates or gameplay details surrounding the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for fear of spoiling the experience yourself, this is one announcement you’re going to want to hear. Fans have long been wondering if vampires or werewolves would be returning, and how they might differ from games in the past. Now Bethesda has officially confirmed that Skyrim will allow the player to become tainted with a vampire infection, thus opening up even more chapters in the game’s already dense plot.

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RedDead2715d ago

What's with this article? It's trying to sound like they're doing something new and special with it, it's the exact same as before. And stop giving hope of Flight, closed cities = no fly.

strange19862715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Yeah they often talk about the leveling system and radiant AI like they're completely new as well.

KonGreat2712d ago

Welcome to News. They do it everywhere on the news, BBC or CNN. It's just for people who hasn't read anything about Skyrim yet or the related news

Kee2715d ago

Vampires are exactly the same as they always have been. Good, I might give it a try. But I wish there would be some way (other than only going out at night) to not get damaged by the sun. Like include an item or spell that acts as sunblock or UV barrier and lasts a certain amount of time, allowing you to run around freely during the day.

SITH2715d ago

You know if you take a few seconds and read the article, you might be well satisfied with your sun issue in skyrim.

Kee2715d ago

I did read it. It says this:

"the sun will affect you more the more powerful you get"

Ie you will lose health the longer you stay in the sun. That's what I was referring to.

omi25p2715d ago

No way am i becoming a vampire willingly. I hated so much in oblivion that i restarted my campaign.

Hozi2714d ago

lol...all you had to do was use a "dure disease" potion/spell or got to a temple and pray....

I was hoping they'd say "Skyrim has Werewolves" though...

FishCake9T42715d ago

Its cool that they are bringing the disease back but i hated being a vampire in Oblivion. The fact that you couldnt go outside in sunlight made it really frustrating it you just wanted to venture around.

BeOneWithTheGun2715d ago

Every morning I wake up is one less day to 11.11.11. And, it is TAKING FOREVER!

antihiroprotagonist2715d ago

how about werewolves? also, vampires should be able to feed on people when they are awake

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The story is too old to be commented.