Which popular game is becoming a live-action TV series?

On September 9th, it was revealed that popular social game “Kaito Royale” would be getting a live-action drama adaptation.

In “Kaito Royale”, players get to choose a type of character – an intelligent type (played by Matsuzaka Tori), a skilled type (played by Fukushi Seiji), and a sexy type (played by Oomasa Aya, pictured) – and become a phantom thieves, collecting ‘treasures’ through missions and battles while interacting with other players. The game has attracted over 10 million players, and has already been adapted into a manga and novel.

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blumatt2715d ago

I'd like to see Uncharted become a movie or a TV series. Let the main voice actors play the roles and I'd watch it/them.

iWishTifaWasReal2715d ago

Yakuza is a popular game in Japan

it already has a TV drama