Yahoo Games Review Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a rarity in gaming these days. It's not a long game, which might disappoint some. Its hero, Nathan Drake, is hardly oozing with machismo compared to the likes of most gaming protagonists. It's an exclusive title on a platform that's got great capabilities, but a small user base right now. However, amidst a sea of titles this year that pointedly make arguments for what games should evolve into, from moral relativism, to blockbusters with fleshed-out online experiences, to bending the space-time continuum for the promise of baked goods, Naughty Dog's third-person action game is a breath of fresh air.

Naughty Dog delivers one of 2007's indisputably finest action titles.


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shmee4930d ago

2 AAA titles in a row

2007 is also a great year to own a ps3

UNCHARTED is GOTY 2007 confirmed

xaphanze4930d ago

hey nasim,how are you?

I've read this review before. IF you looks like at the second page,youll notice that its not actually reviewed by yahoogames but rather taken from other reviews.

The Wood4930d ago

id make to this game at the moment is being able to slide around cover. Angle to angle instead of just edge to edge. example staying in cover whilst moving around the whole block or pillar without having to move away temporarily

REbirth4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

it is good to see that this game is receiving good reviews... it's my type of games..a.nd the scenarios looks great...always love naughty dog since crash bandicout for psone...and jak for ps2...and this game looks even more fun and perfect... if i had a ps3 no doubt i would buy this game...

EDit: thnks resistance100 after i commented i saw the review:P and than i ups... lets see if gamespot gives it a better score...

resistance1004930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

IGN have already reviewed it and gave it a 9.1/10 - IGN Uncharted Review

Edit - i see you have changed your comment - Ignore this one then ;)

the worst4930d ago

3 in a row dont 4get
Eye of Judgment
my cousin a big Yu-Gi-Oh fan
a the game is pretty good

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