House of the Dead: Overkill PS3 Hands on Preview- Gore, shooting and Strippers (GeniusAnime)

Having a go on The House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut on the Move was immediately easy-to-use and fun.
This is an On-the-rails shooter similar to Time Crisis series which exudes a sense of scale, a hellish theme and Gore throughout the lengthy campaign playthrough.

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topgun332718d ago

Can this be played with the regular ps3 remote? If so have you tried it?

NukaCola2718d ago

yes, move or ds3. i havent tried it yet, but have played rail shooters with a controller and they kind of suck. i had this game on wii and it was 10/10 quality, and i highly recommend this on ps3, it looks incredible. best rail shooter i have personally ever played. graphics are great, the music is outstandingly awesome, the gameplay is really well done, and i love the grindhouse story. washington is so over-the-top samuel l jackson is nutzo.

ilovepsvita2718d ago

Since u have played the Wii version, exactly how many Hours does the game last on an average playthrough?

NukaCola2718d ago

Oh it's crazy short. Like 3-5 hours. There were like 8 chapters I think but they were like 30-40 mins each. Most railer shooters are short. I have to say though, it was well worth the $50. I played them over and over. I played titles like Dead Space Extraction and all the REsident Evil railshooters, and they were not as good as this at all. This is the extended edition too, so it should be a bit longer.

Wizziokid2718d ago

this is a game you don't want to play with a remote, it would take out all the fun and suspense, I remember playing the dreamcast version with the 'gun' and it's still one of the most fun games I've played

Wizziokid2718d ago

can't wait for this, huge House of the dead fan

geniusgamerdoc2718d ago

I still have good memories of playing HOTD on Arcade with a Gun.

Definitely gotta preorder this Asap.

Bathyj2718d ago

Nice. The more good Move games the better.

But does it specifically cater to the Sharpshooter? I know you can basically play any Move game with the SS but are their any button conflicts?