Nintendo and Loyal Gamers Rolling With the Punches

The first few months of the Nintendo 3DS on the market have been full of damaging circumstance for Nintendo.

Yet still so many remain loyal to the company.


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Tanir2718d ago

well some people stay loyal because they spent so much money they donts want to feel ripped off, especially by their fav company.

so they go through denial. even if the price was too high they paid, even if their screen scratch to easy, even if they still dont have one game and its been 6 months, even though the services still arent on the system, and even though the tacky 2nd analog proves there will be a redesign of the system and the 1st buyers are screwed into either getting the new one or buying the tacky add on, they will stay in denial.

others are just blind fanboys, but as time continues to pass and circumstances dont change some fanboys open the eyes and realize nintendo effed up.

you guys just have hope, you wait till your marios, luigi mansions and kid icarus come yet they are so far from the launch. you will eventually have fun, but is it right that you were forced to wait so long and go through all of this when you supported nintendo first?

well hopefully people learn and do not buy the wii-u day one. that console is already failing. dev's cant even make games because the controller is causing to many problems and isnt finished, yet the console will release in a year? ouch.

this is not the nintendo i remember

wumster2718d ago

I tell ya, I bought one at the price-drop and scored the 20 free games. Even at that price with those games, I am disappointed in the machine.

I am disappointed in the way that Nintendo has handled the whole 3DS debacle. People can say that "there are games for it", don't fool yourself, as an owner of one, there are not that many.

Yeah OoT and Shadow Wars are alright, but nothing special. They really screwed up this whole thing. Trying to be arrogant, and feeling that no one can touch them, really cost them.

I was going to get a Vita anyway, and the way Nintendo is handling the 3DS, that may be my only handheld.

Tanir2718d ago

yeah vita has its stuff together and even then im gonna wait a few months even with its huge launch library. you just never know.

but yeah i almost fell for the 3ds's price drop, then i looked at release dates, saw there were no games for atleast another year in america.

Oot,.....that thing was re-released more times than nintendo re-released the ds. and thats alot.

nothing is out and nothing will be out for another year, its a fail sadly, i want the 3ds but i want it finished first

Kee2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

This guy has an amazing knack for sounding like a dick while only talking about facts (no offence), which I previously thought was impossible but oh, how you proved me wrong.
The writer of this article sounds like he's calling me (the reader) an idiot for buying the 3DS.

But heed these words: when the games start coming out for the 3DS, people will buy it. There's no doubt. Mario and pokemon will cause flocks and flocks of people to buy them. Not just that, but loads of people will want to play the traditional turn-based RPG games that the DS was pretty good for and I expect to see on the 3DS soon as well. You can't find that stuff anywhere else.

Things can only get better for nintendo, I think. But yeah, I am so glad I didn't pay the release date price for the 3DS, that would have pissed me off to no end.

As for the wii U, I'm not interested in that. That's just gonna be a dumping ground for shovelware.

AWBrawler2718d ago

agree with all but the wiiU part

Kee2718d ago

Well, I see why you might like the concept of the wii u. It does seem like some nice technology, but there'll be some party dancing game on it released every month and not enough hardcore titles. There'll be the odd gem that pops up, to make it worth your money, but no, it's not for me.

Seferoth752716d ago

SO what? That has got to be the most moronic reason to hate a console....

Kid and you must be a kid, let me give you a little history lesson that I am sure you will completetly ignore and continue to run on with some BS opinion...


Hell even the PS3 and 360 have their share of dance games...

Truth is every generation smaller companies put their low budget games on the console with the highest market share. They did on PS1, PS2 Wii and they'll do it on the next gen console that has the highest market share next gen.

How has Singstar on PS3 kept you from enjoying any games?

Dance Central on 360?

Truth is they havent so stop acting like a clown claiming its a bad thing. You only think it'd bad because you obviously don't know how gaming works but now you know.

supremacy2718d ago

Nothing is perfect and i am sure Nintendo will turn it around.

Honestly though, i am more excited for the vita, Sony took a lot of heat with the psp and took the time to address their issues before deciding to release the device.

Nintendo i am sure will also work around the clock to remedy their current issues.

Tanir2718d ago

there is not perfect and there is just completely F'd up.

3ds is completely F'd up

supremacy2718d ago

I agreed with you my friend, and every time i brought this up since the day they first announced the price of the vita i got hammered with disagrees and pms.

So i have tone it down a bit to please both sides i guess lol.

jacksheen00002718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Sony failed once with their PS3, but they some how manage to put themselves together.So, My point is, if Sony can do it, so can Nintendo if they make the right choices of course.

Another is,I see one particular mistake that I think Nintendo isn't aware of, which could cost them a lot of headache in the long haul,if they don't buy a least one more Game studios.

The reason why I say that is because it is quite obvious that Nintendo's game development team are struggling with current on-going AAA title now.

So, it just a matter of time that this hiden mistake will come out in the lime light. And when it does, it going to bite Nintendo in the butt.

Time will only tell.

MasterCornholio2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Why do Nintendo fans remain loyal to Nintendo even after the price drop and the announcement of the circle pad accessory?

Simple answer because Nintendo gives them the franchises that they love.

AWBrawler2718d ago

Amen. there isn't another Animal Crossing, Zelda, Mario, Fire Emblem, pokemon, or Sin and Punishment clone out there for me.

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