No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise – Misunderstood, and loving it

You’d think being an assassin is easy. Slicing your way through countless posers and nobodies with your trusty beam katana and sleeping with that smoking hot chick at the end sounds like a heroes’ paradise, but feel that this is too weird, too foreign, too experimental. These people don’t know how to live in a world of No More Heroes.

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Evildoomnerd3335d ago

I had a great time with NMH:HP and proud to say it's my 19th platinum. We need more games that don't take themselves too seriously and finally emphasizes the importance of the human spleen. Grasshopper and Suda51 have surpassed my expectations that were established when I played Killer7 5 years ago. I'm hoping the sequel makes it to PS3/360 as well.

AngelGirl163335d ago

It not weird. The problem is the demo was just boring. I love hack and slash games but i was just bored playing the demo.