Ahead of the Bell: Electronic Arts Cuts Sport Games Prices

Analysts said Tuesday that Electronic Arts is cutting prices on sports games such as "NBA Live 08," "Madden NFL 08" and "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08," which the analysts said is a bad sign going into the holiday season.

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resistance1004927d ago

EA Sports is under performing then?

Either that or i suspose pricing EA sports games lower will help kill off other sports games. Saying that they should be cheaper, all they literally do is change a few features each year. Its hard to spend 40quid on a game which is the same as i brought last year

ikkokucrisis4927d ago

They should cut the prices for all much does it cost to create a game disk? Not $50-60 I can tell you that.

donscrillinger4927d ago

they need to cut the team who made madden on the 360 and the ps3 versions ,they both suck .so much is missing from the games /i cant wait till this wack azz nfl deal is over

KINGDRAMA4927d ago

they need to step it up.

S1nnerman4927d ago

but it's good for the consumer. I've noticed that EA have recently been a little battered by many posters particularly in relation to their PS3 ports. However, I agree with both previous comments. It would be nice if games were a little more affordable and that updates on sports games were a little more than just basic upgrades. Otherwise, why would anyone buy it again?

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