Dead Island Secrets and Easter Eggs – Jason Voorhees, Mystery Skulls and More

RipTen - I’m sure many of you have been exploring the massive island of Banoi in Dead Island, but how many of you actually came across any secrets or easter eggs? Well RipTen is here to help. Banoi has many secrets, some of which are still a mystery, but we have a few for you today that we think you may enjoy.

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xPhearR3dx2717d ago

I kicked Jason's ass!! ^_^

CrzyFooL2717d ago

There's so many secrets and little easter eggs in this game. If you kill 15 zombies with a hammer you get an achievement called "Can't touch this" I lol'd.

Also, if you don't know why that's funny you're too young to play this game.

xPhearR3dx2717d ago

Hammer time! dun nun nun nun!

AntoineDcoolette2717d ago

There is a Kitana named "Zed's Demise" xD

Angrymorgan2717d ago

Zeds demise cool, wonder if his chopper bike is in too lol

KingNintendoFanboy2717d ago

Idk if I want to touch it. :P

egidem2717d ago

"Can't touch this"

lol...That's just beyond brilliant!

egidem2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I want to play this game as I'm a huge fan of zombies as well as open world games. Problem is I've been hearing the game comes with a hefty amount of bugs, glitches and save data corruption/losses. Would you guys recommend the game nevertheless?

bigboss9112717d ago

its kinda bad at first. But you get used to its flaws and ignore them. If you have played an unpatched Fallout 3 or stalker game. Its kinda like that. Will get better with patches

egidem2717d ago

Thanks for the feedback! I guess I'll give this one a go then!

DarkTower8052717d ago

Get it! It's tons of fun. I have only come across 1 bug, and i'm rank 16 or so. You'll enjoy it. I'm playing the PS3 version with the patch if that makes a difference.

Angrymorgan2717d ago

I got it on ps3, supposedly the worst for bugs, think they sorted em with a patch, I'm loving it, ain't really notice any big bugs, so get it buddy

noxeven2717d ago

I have yet to really have any issues and im playing the 360 version so idk if it differs per version

2717d ago
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