RipTen Review: Star Fox 64 3D

RipTen - Back in 1997, I was pumped to get my hands on a copy of Star Fox 64 the day it was released. Over 14 years have passed and I found myself just as excited to get my hands on a copy of the remake of what many fans consider to be the best Star Fox game ever created. But does it live up to the legacy of the original?

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xtheownerzx2716d ago

man i love Starfox i have to get me this game.

xPhearR3dx2716d ago

It's been awhile since I've played a StarFox game. I really need a 3DS.

Shaunass2716d ago

Seeing more games like this make me want a 3DS now. But the inevitable 3DS lite will be here next year, especially with those second analog pad addons being true.

allenhpark2716d ago

I'm getting this regardless. With this and Bit.Trip Saga coming very soon, my 3DS will finally get some more play after all!

candybeans2716d ago

I already bought this. I don't want to play it until I finish OoT, though! I'm catching up on every Nintendo classic I never got to play. That's all my 3DS is really good for at the moment...