The First Ten Minutes Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution |

Are you on the fence about Deus Ex: Human Revolution? You feel like you might need an extra nudge to push you in the right direction? Well look no further: this is the first ten minutes of it here in the first edition of “First and Ten”, a new feature at GoGoGamer that provides an inside glimpse of the first ten minutes of games!

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ryhanon2717d ago

This is supposed to be the "first ten minutes"? It's more like a medley of the first hour, give or take.

GoGoGamer2716d ago

This was done deliberately to give players a glimpse into the cutscenes without spoiling the storyline; the focus was strictly on the gameplay.

GTRrocker2717d ago

Great game. I rented this and loved it. I just ordered it for 35 from amazon. Can't wait to get it so I can continue my game.