The Mass Effect Diaries: Part Four

Well, TeamXbox are entering the home stretch in their big, multi-part feature on the different elements of BioWare's highly-anticipated RPG Mass Effect. The game will finally be hitting stores shelves next week (yes, they know some of you got the game at K-Mart already, and they hate you for it), and it should deliver one of the most unique experiences in years.

They have already taken in-depth looks at the game's robust character creation system and the combat mechanics, but there's plenty more to talk about. For today's entry, They figured that they could tell you a bit about the Galaxy Map and the ways you'll be able to explore the outer reaches of the universe.

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predator4928d ago

can not wait for this game, ill be playing nothing else for ages, this game will eat my life up, better be nice to the missis now lol