'Does Call of Duty have the best campaigns ever?'

CVG - Is it me, or does Call of Duty have the best campaigns ever? When I get a game, I want to be genuinely affected. I want the best graphics and sound, and I want breathtaking scenes such as the parachute dive or the hallucinogenic attempt at killing JFK in Black Ops.

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LOGICWINS2718d ago

To me no..but to someone that only plays COD, probably yeah.

AngelGirl162718d ago

Agree.Everyone knows uncharted has the best campaigns. For a FPS. I personally think it the best. Battlefield 3 might change that when it released.

LOGICWINS2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

"Everyone knows uncharted has the best campaigns."

LOL, well thats obviously wrong since "everyone" doesn't play games. And of the people that do buy/play games...most don't even know what Uncharted is.

Uncharted 2 was pretty cool, but I think the best campaign I've played on the PS3 would have to go to Infamous 2 or Yakuza 4. Uncharted games are essentially well acted, well paced Hollywood romps. This is fine, but no Uncharted game has ever or will ever match the depth nor character development of a Yakuza game.

But as far as TPS action adventure campaigns...Uncharted 2's the best I've ever played.

StanLee2718d ago

Uncharted's campaign is kind of predictable and cliched. The game's production values make how the story plays out well worth the investment but the story isn't really all that interesting. Call of Duty campaigns are a wash of explosions and is nonsensical.

evrfighter2718d ago

that's like saying transformers are the best movies ever....

DrFUD2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Uncharted campaign delivery is more natural and better than most movies.

BulletToothtony2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Best 3rd Person campaign
CLOSELY followed by

Best FPS "Campaign" I know this one is mostly me
Resistance, yes R2 sucked but 1 and 3 make up for it.
Closely followed by
Half Life
and then

COD is one of the most useless campaigns, they start interesting but then they go generic in about 30 mins in the game.

PCE2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

In my opinion Uncharted doesn't have the best campaigns. As a matter of fact the series to me is just a linear cookie cutter third person shooter. Not everyone is aware the existence of the Uncharted series, and not every gamer that does know about Uncharted think it is the best. You're not speaking for everyone.

NatureOfLogic2718d ago

Uncharted 2 is great game, one of the few games that I feel was worth my money this gen.

EVILDEAD3602718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Out of all the Call of Dutys this gen, the Infinity Ward camapigns were easily the best of the lot.

I've loved the campaigns, but truthfully like Halo, the true Call of Duty is meant to be experienced in Veteran.

Black Ops was a blast too..but that ending...nuff said

People hate but the replay value of COD as a whole is off the charts.

Can't wait to play the MW3 campaign to see what happens


LOGICWINS2718d ago

^^Avatar got plenty of best movie of the year awards..does mean it was without question the best movie of the year?

Awards are opinions. Don't know what you hope to prove with by pointing out how many awards Uncharted 2 won. If gamers as a whole gave a crap about like Wii Play, COD, and Madden wouldn't be outselling so called "GOTY contenders".

KonaBro2718d ago

That was an extremely butthurt response from you. It's obvious that the awards prove that Uncharted 2's campaign as well as other factors helped give it GotY 2009 when it was going up against ACII, MW2, Batman: AA, etc. Then you really showed your bias by trying to say if it was worth anything then why is CoD and Madden outselling it. We all know sales mean everything right? Troll elsewhere man.

LOGICWINS2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I simply tried to prove a point and not only did you say I was "butthurt", but you also called me a troll.

Notice how you needed to insult me in order to get your point across, yet I didn't need to insult you or anyone in order to get my point across. Try looking at a mirror. Maybe ull see your hypocrisy then.

Btw, how do you have the stones to call anyone here biased? Have you seen your comment history? You've spent most of your time praising/defending Uncharted while complaining about PC elitists and Xbox fanboys.

BlmThug2718d ago

I disagree very strongly. UC has a good campaign but very far from the best. MGS is one that has a mind blowing campaign. Every character has its own story. From Solid Snake to Big Boss to Zero To Raiden

specialguest2717d ago

I've played UC2 and COD:MW1, and I have to say that MW1 "wowed" me the first time I played it. With UC2, everything felt smooth and polished, but it was missing that wow factor.

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alienpornisalive2718d ago

What are you talking about? Who doesn't love super linear, non challenging, stories that carry no actual stories? Being in a crashing helicopter is DEFINITELY not overused

kneon2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I guess if people prefer a campaign with no story to speak of then COD fits the bill perfectly. The last 2 have just been completely stupid.

Captain Qwark 92718d ago

I say best ever, metal gear solid (ps1 ) this gen, Batman AA IMO, if were talking about any game not just uncharted because of its characters very good games but take one sec to actually analyze it, fanboy bias aside and its just a very generic 3rd person shooter wrapped in high production values. The stories are both very generic treasure hunter stories and 1 and 2 are practically the same story, big difference is just a diff type of creature at the end of each....and COD, imo are far more generic campaigns than anything out there, same enemy types start to finish, infinite respawn enemies, bunch of scripted "set pieces" barely coherent stories. Its like playing a micheal bay movie, with less story if that's possible.....

wsoutlaw872718d ago

the mw2 story didn't even make sense

Amphion2718d ago

No...Half-Life games do though.

chaldo2718d ago

Call of Duty has the best campaigns? Same shit every year really.. what? 2-4 hour campaigns? jesus christ.

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Squatch832718d ago

Give me GoldenEye or Timesplitters 3 anyday.

StarWolf2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

hell yea- jungle aztec, futuristic cities, wild west, siberia, alien space ships, robot factories, ghost hunting, zombies , monkeys, plus more. Yea, Timesplitters is the one of the most missed for real fps fans. lol @ cod

NarooN2718d ago

TimeSplitters probably had the most diverse selection of maps ever, for both single and multiplayer. It's insane how much variety there is.

TimeSplitters 4 for Windows, Mac, PS3, and 360. Make it happen, Crytek UK...

iamnsuperman2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I can see what CVG means. COD campaign is over the top, unrealistic, hollywoodish bull but not only is it enjoyable it is memorable.

Parapraxis2718d ago

I personally haven't found any of them to be particularly memorable.

soundslike2718d ago

or enjoyable

I didn't think people actually enjoyed them.

They must be smoking weed at the time, that's the only way that makes sense to me.

Rainstorm812718d ago

Funny everyone above thats knocking Uncharted series... that also fits that description,(over the top, unrealistic, hollywoodish bull but not only is it enjoyable it is memorable.)

kneon2718d ago

Pick the right adjectives and you can make almost any two things sound alike.

But there is a major difference between COD and Uncharted, besides the obviously much higher quality of Uncharted. In Uncharted there are actual characters with personalities. In COD we get generic grunts and you are frequently switching which character you are playing which makes it near impossible for the player to connect with the character.

And while I've often gone back to play various chapters of Uncharted I haven't wanted to replay a COD chapter just for fun since WaW.

Nate-Dog2718d ago

CoD4 and MW2 campaigns were fun, although MW2's story made not a bit of sense. BO was awful in my eyes though, half of it was set pieces which were done for you with the press of one button. If you're gonna go Hollywood at least let me do something in the game.

NukaCola2718d ago

MW2's story was like Angels and Demons. It was a big conspiracy just to inspire patriotism like A&D did with a big conspiracy to instill the faith in the Catholic church. But what is confusing is why MW3 is all WW3 right of the back. I don't understand how it's tied in at all.

Jack_DangerousIy2718d ago

I dig that you have a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy.



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