The Orange Box for PS3 due Dec - Rumoured '08 delay or cancellation untrue

Many PS3 gamers have been anxious for news on the status of The Orange Box for their console, but EA hasn't been too forthcoming. With the Xbox 360 and PC versions doing incredibly well, PS3 gamers have a reason to feel a little left out.

Well, the waiting is almost over. An EA representative has confirmed to that the PlayStation 3 version of the Valve compendium will hit European stores in December, although an exact release date is still to be determined.

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leon764923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

Good news!!!!!
Edit: Sorry guys but i really wanted this game, so for me is a good new!!

mesh14923d ago

have some gratitude ps3 fanboy ur not in the postion to moan or want ur in the postion to need this game as its a good game that will be coming out for the ps3.

Neurotoxin4923d ago

I really hope they don`t screw this up.

Capt CHAOS4923d ago

Some weirdos on this website disagreed with you, not sure why.

Zhuk4923d ago

This will be vaporware I can see it, the PS3 is having a lot of trouble handling a game of such high quality as Half Life 2

Neurotoxin4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

Have your Hot milk and go to bed surely its passed your bedtime.

By the way, Halflife 2 Is really old, there should be no problems with the 360 or PS3 Handling this, if they screw this up then by all means you can gloat. ;)

HarryEtTubMan4923d ago

The xbox 360 is defective and junky. IT WILL NEVER BE A PS3. Take the trolls bubbles....they just bash out of jealousy. Take their bubbles

Hapimeses4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

I'm pretty close to adding you to my ignore list. Your hate-filled comments rarely have any quality and come across robot-like without any personality or considered opinion. You solely spout Microsoft propoganda disregarding any counterpoint or attempt at discussion, which makes your comments pretty much worthless when considered objectively; which is a shame, as the good points you make are drowned out by the nonsense you are so keen to vomit onto my monitor.

notsonice4923d ago

Zhuk? Thats Swahili for retarded troll isn't it? I guess Nasim changed sides along with his name.

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Hapimeses4923d ago

Well, I'm keen to see how the game is handled on PS3. Given past efforts by EA, I'll admit I'm not full of hope; but, given recent releases, and the quality of them on PS3, it'll be hard to justify a poor port, so PS3 users may be in for a real treat.


Too many good games coming this Christmas; not enough money to buy them all...

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The story is too old to be commented.